Wimbledon 2022: Is the Grand Slam event losing relevance?


As written…Wednesday is mail bag day…

Some thoughts on Serena Williams and her contributions to tennis/sports/culture.




This is a completely impressionistic answer, but as someone now of a certain age, I can’t remember so little media coverage of men’s Wimbledon, perhaps since 1973 and the ATP player boycott (when Kodes finally beat Metreveli, who was from the USSR but perhaps Georgian). , if I remember correctly), and then as now the focus was mainly on who was not there.

I’m not sure, as PT Barnum was, that bad publicity is better than nothing, so it wouldn’t necessarily change with golf coverage this week, but honestly there has to be a reckoning with media interest in the tennis, to a lesser extent in the US—has declined, despite improved participation during and after COVID-19.

All the best, and good luck with coverage!
—Leif Wellington Haase

• Good shot from Metrevelli. And good observation. You can add some data to your impressionistic answer. Thanks to the Tennis Podcast, I know that the Wimbledon attendance on the first day of Monday was the smallest in 15 years. Networks that usually send television ratings press releases have gone silent. I can personally tell you that, in 20 years, I have never had fewer pre-tournament interview requests or, for that matter, pre-Wimbledon Mailbag questions.