What to look for in a luxury drug rehab center in Florida


Tampa, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tampa, Fla. —

Plant City, FL – Not all addiction treatment centers are created equal; The world-class facilities go beyond current standards of care. WhiteSands Treatment, Newsweek’s number one addiction treatment center in Florida, offers top-notch accommodations and services for guests during their residential stay.

“WhiteSands Treatment Center was founded in 2014 with the overarching philosophy that it was time to raise industry standards for quality of treatment, patient comfort and higher long-term sobriety rates,” said Garry , co-founder and CEO of WhiteSands. jonas


As a luxury rehab center in Florida, WhiteSands takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment that combines addiction therapies with a luxurious setting that makes drug rehab feel less institutional and impersonal. With a unique and personalized approach to addiction recovery, patients can expect personalized care in luxurious accommodations where they can focus on themselves.

Patients seeking treatment for substance abuse or co-occurring disorders at WhiteSands will attend individual therapy with their primary therapist five times per week. The industry standard is to provide only one hour per week of individual therapy. WhiteSands also maintains a high staff-to-patient ratio and small therapy groups, ensuring that patients receive plenty of individual attention and opportunities to participate in group therapy. WhiteSands also employs a full-time, highly credentialed team of internal physicians, therapists, physicians, and specialists whose mission is to help patients recover in a safe and comfortable environment.

When looking for a luxury rehab center, in addition to offering all levels of care and treatment options, it’s important to look for a center that provides all the comforts of home. This includes offering a private room and bathroom so patients can relax and feel comfortable at the end of the day. WhiteSands guests can also use cell phones and laptops outside of treatment hours so they can stay connected with loved ones during their inpatient stay. It’s also important to have activities available to enjoy when you finish treatment for the day. Staying engaged and active in addiction recovery is crucial as it allows patients to develop new hobbies and healthy habits that they then carry with them when they return to their lives as sober individuals.

WhiteSands offers specialized dual diagnosis treatment for patients suffering from co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder frequently coexist with addiction and are often the driving force behind substance abuse, as people turn to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to self-medicate. Treating mental health and substance use disorders together is critical to facilitating long-term recovery and preventing relapse after rehabilitation.

WhiteSands in Florida provides all levels of addiction care, including medically supervised 24/7 clinically supervised detoxification, flexible stays, inpatient and outpatient treatment services, and aftercare to provide a strong support as clients transition back to daily life. They also provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), which has proven to be a powerful tool in overcoming opioid addiction.

Anyone who needs help for an addiction or co-occurring mental health condition can call WhiteSands anytime, day or night, to ask questions or to start treatment right away. Call (877) 640-7820 or visit for more information.


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