The latest rumors surrounding Dejounte Murray and the Spurs


Well this has been a whirlwind few days. Anyone who claims to have known a week ago that Spurs guard Dejounte Murray would be the hottest name on the market (trade or free agency) is either psychic or not being entirely truthful. Sure, the Kyrie Irving show continues to grab headlines, and they have some competition with the Knicks clearing as much space as possible to chase Dallas’ Jalen Brunson, making him a hot commodity, but there’s something to the idea that Murray be the “final puzzle piece” that has rival fans oozing for a trade.

These are the latest rumors surrounding Murray and the Spurs, and this article will be updated as more emerge.

The Spurs have raised their asking price, but that hasn’t deterred the Hawks.

We already discussed how the Hawks were the first to try to trade Murray, supposedly offering three (probably protected) future first-round picks and forward John Collins, but apparently that wasn’t enough to make the Spurs bite, and as more teams interested, the Spurs are raising their asking price to include four first-round picks with little or no protection, according to LJ Ellis of Spurs Talk.


The Hawks are reportedly still willing to work on it, though he sounds more and more like Collins in that he’s not the player the Spurs want out of the deal. Danilo Gallinari, who always seemed like he would be a good Spur if he could stay healthy, is the latest Hawk to be linked to a potential dealand Kevin Huerter (who has an extension coming into action), De’Andre Hunter and Onyeka Okongwu have also been speculated as possible targets for the Spurs in a deal with Atlanta.

The Mystery East team

The Hawks appear to be the favorites to sign Murray (if the Spurs are really willing to trade him), but they’re reportedly not the only team trying to trade. At one point, it was said that the Timberwolves had an “intriguing” package in store, but nothing more was ever said about what it might be. There have also been reports that an unnamed Eastern team is set to offer three picks and a “desirable” young player. Who that could be remains a mystery, but one team in the East that would have such draft capital and has been linked to rumors is the Knicks.

Longtime respected NBA reporter Marc Stein recently said on his substack that even if they get Brunson into free agency, the Knicks could still try to trade Murray. SportsNet New York’s Ian Bagley reports that while he’s not sure if the two teams have spoken yet, rival executives see Murray and Brunson as a good match. If the Knicks are indeed the mystery team, it’s unclear who that aforementioned “desirable young player” would be, maybe Cam Reddish or RJ Barrett? – but if they’re putting together a bid, we’ll eventually find out what it is.

Do the Spurs really want to trade Murray?

Here is the last mystery. Clearly, the Spurs aren’t desperate to trade Murray and possibly didn’t even plan for it, but when the offers come in, you listen, especially when teams start getting so desperate they’ll give you whatever you ask for (within league rules, for that matter). supposed). ).

With that said, Gregg Popovich is reportedly the one who will have the final say on whether or not Murray is traded. Trading him would mean the Spurs are seriously committing to a rebuild instead of building from mediocrity, but is that what they really want? Or, of course, it’s possible that the right trade actually starts moving them up the ladder instead of dropping them at the bottom, but the growing requests for unprotected first-round picks show that if they go this route, they want every avenue available. in the future.

Rumors on this topic will continue to flow until something happens, either a deal is completed or Spurs close the doors on trade talks, but in the meantime this will be your thread for this topic, and updates will be added to top like new, believable rumors out (this doesn’t include twitter speculation), so stick around!