The 13 best luxury candles


Since scent preferences vary from person to person, candles are a unique intimate purchase, making it difficult to label one as the best. Still, there are some things that make certain candles more worthy of higher price tags than others. That is, the best luxury candles are kept in beautiful containers that can be reused after the wax has burned, and are offered in multiple scents to suit various moods, settings, and seasons. If you’re splurging on a candle, it should have a burn time of at least 40 hours; after all, you want to get your money’s worth.

Scent preferences aside, there’s no denying that certain fragrances complement some seasons better than others. Most of us would agree that winter calls for warm, spicy notes like cinnamon and cloves, or that summer is nice to be surrounded by scents that mimic what happens in nature (think: ripe tomatoes, salty spring air). the beach and herbs that grow in the garden). And as cliche as it may be, there’s nothing quite like a pumpkin-scented candle for fall, while spring certainly calls for flowers.

Below, you’ll find 13 luxurious candles to enhance the ambience in every room of your home, from a soothing lavender scent for your nightstand to the woodland-inspired candle that will burn all winter long. Keep scrolling to discover them all.



The Iconic Pumpkin Candle You’ll Be Burning All Fall

I am a sucker for anything that smells like pumpkin in the fall. I’ve burned dozens of pumpkin candles in my time, and the best I’ve found is still NEST’s ‘Pumpkin Chai’ (I wish I could burn this scent all year round, but then of course it wouldn’t feel so special when it finally hits). october). The scent is pumpkin spice perfection (underlying notes include chai tea, cardamom, and cinnamon), but what makes this candle so great is its impressive launch; Even without lighting, it emits a noticeable fragrance. Another highlight is that the stunning glass bowl gives off a warm orange glow when lit, adding to the cozy fall vibe in your home.

This is a jar you’ll definitely want to keep when you’ve burned off the wax; it can be used to store everything from pens and pencils in the office to toothbrushes in the bathroom and small candy (how cute would it look filled with black and orange M&Ms during the Halloween season?). It also comes in a smaller votive size (which you can reuse for tea lights) or a larger three-wick design.

Burning time: 50-60 hours


A zesty orange single line candle inspired by Spain

One of my new favorite candles is ‘Winter Oranges’ from La Montaña. Along with the scent of Valencian oranges (which are grown in the Spanish coastal city during the winter), this candle features notes of red apple, cinnamon, and cloves. Although its warm, spicy fragrance is especially suited to cold weather, its fresh citrus notes would feel just as appropriate on a rainy spring night.

La Montaña is a UK-based brand, but all of their candles are inspired by Spain (other scents include ‘Mistela’, ‘Sacrad Roses’ and ‘Siesta’). I especially love the decorative glass jars, each with a print inspired by retro 1930s travel posters.

Recording time: 40 hours


The best Christmas candle of all time

I’m just going to say it: This is the best holiday/winter/pine scented candle ever. Sure, Thymes ‘Fraser Fir’ is great, but Harlem Candle Company’s ‘Holiday’ candle takes things to the next level with its wintry fir scent that fills your room with a Narnia-esque scent even when it’s not lit (in Seriously, I was impressed by the intensity of the smell as soon as I took the candle out of the box). Notes of pine, mint, eucalyptus and winter fir are blended with soy wax and housed in a stunning green glass container (which the brand cleverly recommends repurposing as a cocktail glass). It has an impressive 80 hour run time and in my opinion does the perfect gift during the holiday season.

Recording time: 80 hours


A classic lavender candle in a beautiful glass container

French lavender is a classic scent choice; it works in any season, in any setting, though thanks to lavender’s calming abilities, I think it works best as a candle for the bedroom (or for bath time). East special A lavender candle is worth splurging on for two reasons: one, it has a 100-hour burn time; and two, it comes in an impressive glass container that can be reused in many ways. And considering its 100-hour runtime, less than $40 actually seems like a pretty fair price to pay.

Voluspa has long been one of the most popular luxury candle brands, and they also make these large glass candles in unique scents like ‘Panjore Lychee’, ‘Goji Torocco Orange’ and ‘Baltic Amber’ amongst others.

Recording time: 100 hours


This beach-inspired candle is perfect for summer

As soon as the weather turns warm and the sun starts to shine, I like to blow out a candle that just it feels like summer. Tocca’s ‘Montauk’ candle is perfect for that: it features notes of salty air, cucumber, and seagrass (I like to think that if I had a house on the beach, I’d burn one of these candles in every room). Sold in two sizes, these candles come in frosted glass jars that add a pretty, delicate touch to any room.

Other summer scents offered by the brand include ‘Grapefruit & Melon’, ‘Orange Blossom & Bergamot’ and ‘Tomato Vine & Wild Primrose’.

Recording time: 60 hours


A minimalist and elegant candle that smells like Santal and Rose

APOTHEKE candles have a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that works well with any décor style, but will feel especially at home in Scandi-chic spaces. Although the brand produces dozens of fragrances, from classics (like lavender and fig) to unique ones (like earl gray bitters and charcoal), ‘Santal Rock Rose’ gets my highest vote. Thanks to Le Labo, some might say, santal has become increasingly popular over the years, and APOTHEKE deftly balances the scent of sandalwood with the sweet, floral scent of rockrose. The brand offers its candles in four sizes, all made from high-quality soy wax.

Burning time: 60-70 hours


This exclusive hotel candle that was designed by Le Labo

May I introduce my favorite fragrance of all time? Based on Le Labo’s Thé Noir 29 perfume and made exclusively by the brand for EDITION hotels, this black tea candle is spicy, sweet, warm and sensual all at the same time: complex and intoxicating. I guarantee that when you’re burning it, you’ll get compliments from everyone who walks into your house. Key notes include cedarwood, fig, green tea, and bergamot, but the black tea is what really catches the eye here. Completing things is the sleek matte black container, which comes packaged in an equally impressive gift box.

Not only was I thrilled to discover that you can buy EDITION’s signature candle on Amazon, I was even more excited to discover the accompanying reed diffuser, which I’ll be splurging on below.

Recording time: not specified


A line of travel-inspired candles for minimalists

Perfect for minimalists, Brooklyn Candle Studio creates a line of travel-inspired candles that includes themed scents like ‘Maui’, ‘Italy’, ‘Seville’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Santorini’ and more. My personal favorite is ‘Catskills’, a mix of woodland notes like pine, balsam fir, cedar and juniper, making it a perfect choice for the cooler months. This soy wax candle features dual wicks for a more intense scent and a more even burn, and comes in a single glass jar.

Recording time: 70 hours


This unique rum scented candle you just have to try

The Malin+Goetz ‘Dark Rum’ candle is my latest obsession. Despite its name, the fragrance is not overly alcoholic; instead, it’s warm, slightly spicy, and a bit sweet. The actual notes here include bergamot, plum, and anise (at the top); leather, rum and vanilla (in the middle); and patchouli, amber and milk at the base.

The brand’s other popular contenders include its ‘Cannabis’ candle, which you’ll love if you prefer smoky, earthy scents; ‘Leather’, another warm and musky option; and ‘Tomato’, my second favorite candle from the brand after ‘Dark Rum’. All come packaged in a simple glass container complete with Malin+Goetz’s signature modern font adorning the label.

Recording time: 60 hours


A tomato-scented candle that casts a welcoming red glow

In the summer, I like to light tomato-scented candles, especially in my kitchen. Naturally, Jonathan Adler’s Pop Candle on ‘Tomato’ fits the bill. Featuring notes of rhubarb, basil, and thyme, plus tomato, this candle comes in a bright red jar, perfect for reusing as a glass, that gives off a cozy red glow. Whether you place this candle on a stack of books or leave it hanging above your table, it will double as a decorative accent that will complement modern homes particularly well.

Recording time: 40 hours


This forest-scented candle that Rihanna loves

The Black Forest holds a special place in my heart, so naturally, so does this candle. Inspired by the majestic German region in which so many fairy tales have been set, this Archipelago Botanicals candle blends woody notes of fir, spruce, and cedar with winter fruits like blackcurrants and clementines. Made from soy wax poured into a thick black glass container, this candle is perfect for chilly days spent indoors with a steaming cup of tea. When you’ve burned it down, reuse the jar for makeup brushes, sage sticks, pens, or spare change, just for a few ideas.

Fun fact: this is supposedly one of Rihanna’s favorite candles, and it was actually on her rider during her ‘Diamonds’ tour.

Recording time: 55 hours


A luxury candle that brings the iconic St. Regis fragrance into your home

If you’ve ever set foot in a St. Regis hotel, you may already be familiar with its signature fragrance, ‘Caroline’s Four Hundred.’ If not, and if you’re looking for a truly luxurious candle to splurge on (perhaps you need a birthday present for your best friend who has everything?), this super unique candle brings the experience of a luxury hotel right into your home. Made by luxury candle brand Arquiste for St. Regis hotels, this fresh, floral fragrance smells like white lilies, cherry blossoms, hyacinths, and American Beauty roses, which were supposedly Caroline Astor’s favorites (that’s how the candle is named after her: the legendary leader of New York society during the Gilded Age).

If you end up falling in love with this beautiful fragrance, you can also get it in a room spray form.

Recording time: 50 hours


This Under $40 Candle With Bright, Summery Notes

If you’re looking to spend under $40 but still want a candle that looks (and smells) luxurious, NEOM is a really great brand. I like their ‘Happiness’ candle, which combines neroli, lemon, and mimosa for a very bright, summery scent. It’s what I’ve been burning lately now that the weather is warm, but the brand also produces many other scents for other seasons and occasions, including ‘Bedtime Hero’ and ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep’. You get a little under 40 hours of burn time with this candle, but it is more affordable, so it balances out.

Recording time: 35 hours