TaylorMade 2022 Stealth UDI & DHY Utility Irons


TaylorMade’s Stealth UDI and DHY utility irons offer different performance characteristics.

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Where does your iron game end and your fairway wood begin? It’s a simple question with a complicated answer, but with the launch of the new Stealth UDI and DHY utility irons, TaylorMade is looking to help make that decision that much easier.

In recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence of high-loft fairway woods in players’ bags, from regular golfers to the PGA Tour. The big reason for this is its ability to create additional height and drop angle for players who don’t have enough clubhead speed or don’t create enough spin.

At the other end of the player spectrum, high-loft fairway woods can wreak havoc for those who need to lower the flight of the ball and create the kind of control that a traditional fairway wood or hybrid can’t – this is where enter the UDI and the DHY. .

Technology and Design

Unlike a hybrid or fairway wood, Stealth utilities offer the “best of both worlds” performance, combining the ball speed and distance of a hybrid with the control of an iron.

A rear stance centers weight and raises mass for low launch performance.

Jonathan Muro/GOLF

On the outside, the UDI has a slim-cast 450 stainless steel body that helps save mass around the head to position it where it can be best used in each design. From there we have the addition of Speedfoam Air and a Forged 4140 face, the same face material (and injected foam) used on the P790 to further heighten feel and increase MOI (a measure of forgiveness). .

Speedfoam Air weighs 69 percent less than the previous generation, saving around 4 grams of weight in the finished product. That may not sound like much, but when every percentage point of discretionary mass plays a role, 4 grams is a notable drop of 2 percent.

Last but not least, each model has a grooved sole that allows the face to flex more at impact, especially on shots that hit the lower part of the face, a common error in clubs. longer when golfers try to “lift” shots toward the bottom of the face. air. When all of this is combined, you have the most refined and versatile utilities TaylorMade has ever released.

Speaking of versatility, the Stealth UDI and DHY skip the adjustable sleeve treatment seen on many other TaylorMade clubs, but are still highly customizable. Both the UDI and DHY can be bent plus or minus 2 degrees to dial in lie angle and ball flight, but don’t forget to go through a custom club adjuster to dial in your best combination.


The TaylorMade UDI offers a traditional long iron look from the head position.

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In many ways, the new Stealth UDI (Ultimate Driving Iron) looks like a slightly larger version of the P790, and when you consider the popularity of the P790, it’s not hard to see why TaylorMade engineers decided to optimize that profile.

The UDI offers a traditional long iron look from the address position with a square topline and leading edge for easy targeting and matching with any game. A rear stance centers weight and raises mass for low launch performance.


The DHY is more of a hybrid than a true driving iron with a rounded sole and lower profile.

Jonathan Muro/GOLF

Although the new Stealth DHY (Driving Hybrid) shares a similar look to the UDI, the Stealth is more of a hybrid than a true driving engine. This is due to a rounded sole and lower profile, which pushed the Z-axis CG (up and down) nearly 3mm lower in the head than the UDI to increase launch and maintain lower spin.

To put 3mm into context, the equator of a golf ball is at 21.34mm, so 3mm is more than 14 percent lower compared to the UDI. That makes it easy to use and even easier to control – a big plus for everyone.

Specifications and availability

Both the new Stealth UDI and DHY will be available for pre-order online through TaylorMade accounts beginning July 5 and in retail stores beginning July 15 for $249.

The UDI will come in 18-, 20-, and 23-degree lofts (just 23 degrees to the right), with Aldila’s Ascent Black 90/100 in X-Flex and S-Flex as stock options.

The DHY will come in 17, 19, 22 and 25 degree lofts (17 and 25 degree right handed only), with Aldila’s Ascent Black 75 in S-flex, 65 in R-flex and 55 in R-flex.

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