ATP Coaches Test Ends Tennis Hypocrisy

By Richard Pagliaro | Wednesday, June 22, 2022 Patrick Mouratoglou congratulates the ATP for pressing pause on training charades. Mouratoglou, who trains Simona Halep after years of training Serena Williams, applauds the ATP’s decision to allow “off-court” training on a trial basis and says it means “no more hypocrisy” for the sport. Plus: ATP to … Read more

Medvedev: Wimbledon ban unfair

Daniel Medvedev calls the Wimbledon ban on Russians and Belarusians “unfair” and suggests it could set a dangerous precedent. Last month, Wimbledon announced its ban on Russians and Belarusians in condemnation of Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine. AELTC officials said they do not want to provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with a potential platform for … Read more