Second Quarter Luxury Real Estate: Time on Market Will Increase for Luxury Listings

The luxury property market is clearly slowing down. Whether it’s the impact of rising US mortgage rates by 5.8 percent, stock markets around the world in a correction mode, fears of a possible recession in the United States, the absence of China in outgoing global tourism, persistent supply chain problems, or the Russian war on … Read more

Narrative resonates with luxury real estate buyers, says Brown executive Harris Stevens

Caroline McDonald has spent her career working with very beautiful things. Before moving into luxury real estate, she was fully immersed in public relations, media and marketing for the worlds of art and luxury fashion. At Saks Fifth Avenue, Ms. McDonald got inside the heads of Chanel, Dior and Burberry consumers as she crafted corporate … Read more

Okanagan luxury home buyers take a breather amid inflation and rising interest rates

Faith Wilson, President and CEO of FaithWilson/Christie’s International Real Estate Image Credit: Submitted/ FaithWilson/Christie’s International Real Estate While the ultra-rich don’t really care what interest rates are when it comes to buying homes, those aren’t the people who shop in the relatively modest luxury market in the Okanagan. That means people looking to buy luxury … Read more

Why are luxury hotels racing to open Saudi Arabia?

President Biden is not the only one to visit Saudi Arabia: he is followed by swarms of tourists. But you’ll be forgiven if you haven’t yet booked the desert kingdom for your next vacation. The assassination of Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi in 2018 and a lifetime of draconian religious surveillance that kept women almost confined to … Read more

The luxury property will double its market share in 2022

Dubai’s luxury real estate market will continue to rise in the second half of the year as limited stocks of premium and ultra-premium residential units will be unable to meet growing demand from both end-users and overseas buyers, say experts. experts. Industry specialists, analysts and market experts said demand for prime and ultra-prime property in … Read more

Take a look inside the lavish Westwood, Massachusetts estate that’s played host to A-list celebrities

Take a look inside the lavish Westwood, Massachusetts estate that’s played host to A-list celebrities Hollywood stars filming in Boston used a home theater Updated: 8:30 pm EDT June 24, 2022 hide transcript Show Transcript WESTWOOD PROPERTY. THAT’S FIT FOR A STAR. IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE LIFESTYLE OF A CELEBRITY, THIS HOME IN … Read more

Despite a real estate market on fire in the US, there are still advantages to be found to sell through auction

Going once, going twice…gone. Once the hammer falls on a luxury real estate auction, the deal is done. That’s one of the key reasons sellers go the auction route: they know their home will sell on auction day. But in a low inventory environment where properties are selling at record rates and for more money … Read more

The luxury housing market will scale greater heights in 2022

In addition to altering people’s lives and attitudes, the coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally altered businesses and the way they operate. This is not exclusive to the real estate sector. One of the reasons is that after the pandemic, the concept of home ownership has resurfaced, which has greatly boosted the business as a whole. Additionally, … Read more