Max Homa’s top tips to help you save your round | Instruction

meI will absolutely confess that I am something of a swing nerd. When I work on my game with my head coach, Mark Blackburn, I want to see all the data behind what I’m doing and understand what’s going on under the hood. However, the conversations we have on the Wednesday of a tournament week … Read more

Cut line: Will Phil Mickelson be back? Is it time for Greg Norman to go?

In this week’s issue, we break down the PGA Tour’s decision to deny conflicting event releases at LIV Golf events, marvel at more losses for Phil Mickelson, and lament Greg Norman’s status as the face of the rival league. cut done max. [Homa] perspective. One of the Tour’s most entertaining people on social media has … Read more

Max Homa’s ode to golf Twitter, Phil Mickelson’s staggering (reported) game losses, and golf couples play in costume at the Kentucky Derby | this is the loop

Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we’re sad to say that once again we didn’t win a Pulitzer. Not for our Royal Wedding coverage. not for our golf songs parody. Not for our journalism service at Big Sandwiches (media center). And not even for reporting on Pat Perez’s $8,000 toilet. Seriously, what else … Read more

Cut line: Phil Mickelson’s seclusion has already affected his future in the game

In this week’s post-Masters edition we celebrate Scottie Scheffler’s past and look at Phil Mickelson’s future. cut done Appreciate the rise. Sportswriters have a natural tendency to become prisoners of the moment with little interest in savoring achievement. That notion had never felt truer than it did on Sunday when Scottie Scheffler slipped the coveted … Read more