Brenden Aaronson, Tyler Adams look set to join Jesse Marsch in Leeds

Jesse MarshallPhoto: fake images Normally when you’re a manager and you save a team from a certain relegation, you’re given a key to the city and you have a welcome mat anywhere (and let me tell you from experience, having that in Leeds can lead to a lot of rough mornings). Jesse Marsch is not … Read more

Could Kevin Durant end up in Portland?

Kevin DurantPhoto: fake images Kevin Durant has a one-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets, but based on the plethora of reports and leaks on the extremely fluid melodrama by Kyrie and its potential consequences, your employment is volatile. That uncertainty has spawned a multitude of options for Durant, but only the Portland Trailblazers have taken … Read more

The death of the NBA superteam (for now)

The Warriors, built over time.Image: fake images The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors finals were one of the most compelling championship fights in recent history. The Celtics were in a Cinderella tear en route to facing a revamped, post-Kevin Durant Warriors. Both teams had organically built the backbone of their roster through skillful drafts … Read more

Phil Mickelson, nine other LIV tour members miss the cut at US Open

Phil Mickelson missed the cut and only received a handful of boos at the US Open.Image: fake images Phil Mickelson walked out of the US Open due to oozing oil slick not a penny richer from his appearance in Brookline, Massachusetts. He missed the cut after a 3-for-3 round on Friday that put him at … Read more

The Timberwolves win a lot of championships, but not for Minnesota

Andrew WigginsPhoto: fake images Ever since the Minneapolis Lakers won half of the league’s first 10 NBA titles and then moved to Los Angeles, where they won 13 more, Minnesota has been an incubator for NBA championship parades in other cities. After the Lakers moved to Los Angeles, the NBA didn’t return to Minnesota until … Read more

Draymond Green can be infuriating as a Golden State fan

Al Horford (left) cuts Draymond Green.Photo: fake images Being a Warriors fan should be relatively easy, at least compared to most other teams in any other sport. You already have three championships in your pocket. The best regular season in history. Probably the best team ever in any iteration with Kevin Durant you pick. Back … Read more

Is it finally time to win for the Philadelphia 7ers?

The Bill Russell case for LeBron as player-coach of the Lakers

Illustration: fake images “Do you want the job, Russ?” he offered the Celtics to retired head coach Red Auerbach in 1966. “Hell no!” Bill Russell replied. “After what I saw you go through? Fuck the referees, the timekeepers, the writers, the fans, all that stress,” Russell wrote in red and me.“I don’t want to be … Read more

So what will MLS do with its TV ratings?

Do you know what channel your favorite MLS team is on?Image: fake images In preparing for the current MLS season, which kicked off the last weekend of February, one of the main themes was that the league would close its new television deal sometime in March. MLS’s TV deal has been paltry compared to the … Read more

Gary Player wants you to know that Phil Mickelson is ‘being crucified’

yuckImage: fake images I was torn between a lethal weapon 2 “Diplomatic immunity” joke and a “Maybe we should stop taking the kids to Grandpa” comment to start this story about Gary Player wearing a Saudi Golf League logo during the ceremony. opening tee shots in the Masters and then their telling a reporter that … Read more