Soccer players rally for the rival team after an accident leaves Logan’s teens critically injured.


A GoFundMe says it is raising money for brothers Surafel and Kirubel Mesfin after Monday morning’s accident with a tanker truck. (Lauren Steinbrecher, KSL-TV)

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LOGAN — The Cache Valley High School soccer community is uniting for two teenagers seriously injured in an accident on their way to school.


The Logan High School brothers, 14-year-old Surafel and 18-year-old Kirubel Mesfin, are each in separate hospitals with surgeries and a long road to recovery after Monday morning’s accident with a tanker truck.

Kirubel is a manager of the Logan High School soccer team, both the family and members of the soccer community explained.

The team was scheduled to play a game the day after the accident.

The opposing team in that game, the Ridgeline High School football team in Millville, knew it would be tough for their opponents.

That’s why before Tuesday’s kickoff, players and coaches from each team gathered on the field and put the competition aside out of compassion.

Photos show a Ridgeline football coach hugging Logan High football coach Natalie Norris while holding a card signed by Ridgeline players.

“The coaches spoke up and just said we wanted to support them and let them know our thoughts and prayers are with them and their team at this time, and the families that have been affected by this accident,” said Laura Garvert, a Ridgeline. soccer dad

In addition to the card, Garvert described how the team quickly came together and raised more than $4,500 for the Mesfin brothers and their family as they deal with sudden expenses.

According to family and police, the brothers were on their way to Logan High, where Kirubel is a senior and Surafel is a sophomore, when they collided with a water truck.

I hope they recover and that they feel the support of all these people around them.

–Laura Garvert, Ridgeline Soccer parent

The brothers are in separate hospitals in Ogden and Salt Lake City, the family said, with Kirubel being the worst.

“In the span of four hours, he underwent multiple emergency brain and heart surgeries. While those have been successful, he currently still has more procedures to repair his broken arms, wrists, hips, and spine,” GoFundMe states. “Surafel is in stable condition, but like Kirubel, he still has a long road to recovery ahead of him.”

The GoFundMe* fundraiser claims its goal is to ease the financial burden, adding that the children’s father recently overcame serious cancer, so this accident will further damage the family.

Knowing that Kirubel’s team would play Tuesday without him there, Ridgeline recovered quickly, and Garvert said the entire team made a post on social media, with teammates sharing the fundraiser with friends.

Within 24 hours, he said more than 100 donations came in.

People were still sending donations during the Tuesday night football game.

“I was very, very touched by the number of people, I mean, there were students and people who are not even in this state who were donating. So, it was amazing,” Garvert said.

A quick show of support that raised thousands of dollars for these two brothers as their families focus on caring for them, hoping to lift their spirits during a horrible time.

“I hope they recover,” Garvert said, adding, “and I hope they feel the support of all these people around them.”

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Lauren Steinbrecher

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