Rory throws shade, Finau’s freestyle and US Open locker room drama


Tony Finau and a young Rory McIlroy

Finau Fresh, Tracker by Rory McIlroy

Hello people!

I know I said this last week, but Really I’m serious this week. This has been, without a doubt, the most eventful week of golf ever. And perhaps the most random! Between Dennis Quaid narrating a LIV Golf video, Rory McIlroy being a bit petty on broadcast, and a handful of players who quit the PGA Tour, a batch I pass. If I had to take you through all happened last week, this column may never end. So instead I’ll show you what caught my eye the most.

The Nelly Korda Deal

Do you ever bribe yourself to do something? Do you tell yourself you can have a pint of ice cream if you fold your laundry, or can you buy those new shoes you’ve been looking at if you make it through a Zoom meeting without falling asleep? That’s exactly what Nelly Korda did last week, but on a much larger scale.

Korda posted a very high definition swing video at the shooting range last week. There are a lot of changes you wouldn’t want to see clearly, but that’s not the case for the World No. 2.

Nelly Korda on the range

nelly korda

Regardless, a lot of people must have messaged Korda about her Instagram story, because she followed through on this.

Nelly Korda with her new phone

nelly korda

It turns out that the best golfers in the world also make deals with themselves. Nelly made her first start in 119 days at the US Women’s Open, so her goal of making the cut makes sense. But then again, it’s Nelly Korda, so she, of course, finished tied for 8th at Southern Pines. Enjoy the phone, Nelly. We all look forward to your next posts.

Dennis Quaid?

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love The Parent Trap. I dressed up as Annie (or maybe Hallie? They’re identical, so who’s to say really) for Halloween as a kid, and it’s the most movie I’ve seen in my 27 years on earth. So I get really excited when something related to Parent-Trap comes up.

So I can say that my jaw dropped when I found out that Dennis Quaid, who was quite possibly my first crush, narrated this LIV Golf publicity video.

I mean, Nick Parker really put his heart and soul into this.

More photos from the Sims-Koepka wedding

I covered the Sims-Koepka wedding in last week’s Rogers Report, but that was before the professional photos were shared! So, in case you missed them on your social media, here they are.

Finau’s freestyle

Ok friends, if you still don’t follow Finau Fresh on Instagram, here’s your signal to sign up. The account offers a hilarious look at the Finau family (Tony, his wife Alayna, and his five amazing kids), and it’s the best. Whether it’s a strong scripted video of Tony, the family hanging out, or Tony rapping, as we have below, you’ll never be disappointed in his content.

I was already a fan of Finau, but this video took my appreciation for the solo second-place finisher at the RBC Canadian Open to a new level. He is performing every lyric perfectly and having a great time. This was posted after the third round on Saturday, but the caption on Instagram said this is what field trips look like for the Finaus. Talk about getting into a positive frame of mind before warming up!

Rory McIlroy casts shade

Rory McIlroy won his 21st PGA Tour title on Sunday. More importantly, he did throw some shade at Greg Norman and the Saudi-backed LIV Golf League in his post-round interview.

Listen carefully.

“One more than another”. One MORE than someone else!

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think McIlroy had this on him! He took a shot at Greg Norman here, who has “only” 20 PGA Tour wins. This is the kind of shade that I sleep to throw them at my enemies (in theory. I don’t think I have any…yet). Some will say that Rory should have focused on his victory and stayed positive, to which I say, what fun is that? Kidding. There is a lot going on in men’s golf these days. What’s one more layer of drama?

Justin Thomas even got in on the joke when he logged on to Twitter after his round.

childhood friends

Speaking of Finau and McIlroy, they played in the final group on Sunday with Justin Thomas. Turns out they go back.

How cute is that? My junior golf friends and I did No end up professional. I think most of them work in real estate now.

McIlroy played in a youth league in Utah one summer and stayed with the Finau family. And now they’re both Nike boys in the big leagues! It’s not a friendship I’ve heard much about, but it makes a lot of sense. Two good boys! I hope we can see them in some more final groups in the future.

And an honorable mention goes to this stunning souvenir photo.

A caddy WAG at the ShopRITE LPGA Classic

Mel and Carly Reid got married two months ago, which means the honeymoon phase is over and it was time for Carly to start doing loops (read: Carly bravely decided to get on the stock market in New Jersey and did something that very, very few of us would be able to). Lucky for us, she shared some notes after each round and they are great.

This reminds me of the first (and last) time I caddyed, at the 2018 Northeast Amateur.

My family hosted Cole Madey from UCLA that week, and his caddy didn’t show up on the last day, so I ended up in the bag. I’d give myself a solid C- on the day. I left clubs behind on multiple holes and really brought nothing but good vibes. However, I was paid with a Lululemon gift card, so it was worth it (for me. Maybe not for Madey).

Anyway, awesome job, Carly. Being a caddy is NOT an easy job.

Drama in the Brookline locker room?

If you’re not familiar with the recent Grayson Murray/Kevin Na drama, let me fill you in. It all started with this tug-of-war back in January.

I’ll let you open that thread if you want to see more, but then things settled down for a few months, until Na quit the PGA Tour last week, which Murray commented on.

Murray qualified for the US Open on golf’s longest day last week, and guess what? Murray and Na are next to each other in alphabetical order on the field list, meaning their lockers are next to each other at Brookline.

I’m a little nervous about how this is going to turn out. I’m also very jealous of the locker room attendants who will see this all unfold. Will they be nice to each other in real life? Will a fist fight break out at The Country Club? Who will tell? Good luck guys!

My other wardrobe news for you has to do with Mr. Adam Scott and the post he shared on his Instagram story on Sunday.

Adam Scott’s locker at the Country Club

Adam Scott

First of all, it’s amazing that players have laundry service this week. I might try sneaking mine in too, especially considering they won’t be busy washing Scott’s tan sweater. That thing stays with him 24/7.

Also, I had forgotten that the USGA gets super creative with locker room signs and name tags during US Open week, so I’m excited for what they have in store.

Varied and healthy content/some recommendations from Boston

The Curtis Cup was last weekend, and while the game was obviously amazing, so was this amazing moment between some of the fans and members of Team USA.

Rose Zhang and Rachel Heck are Stanford golf stars and top amateurs! So cool to see them spend some time with the fans.

Next we have a golf lesson in the parking lot, which could be pure golf. What’s better than working on your swing while waiting for your prescription to be ready?

But seriously, I love this so much. You can always get better and these guys are determined to do it!

Next up we have Gus the Great Dane who spends his days at The Country Club. What a life!

I’ve been watching Brookline prepare for the US Open through Gus’ point of view on this account. Be sure to check it out for some amazing dog x golf content.

And last but definitely not least, I have my number 1 recommendation for anyone heading to the US Open this week. As a graduate of Boston College, I know the area very well and I am excited to share with you all the good news that it is the best ice cream place in the world.

White Mountain Creamery is one of my favorite places on earth, and it’s right down the street from Brookline. It’s worth stopping by if you’re at the US Open, and you’re welcome in advance.

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