RLBLC brings luxury real estate to Web3


Enhance your real estate portfolio and lifestyle on the blockchain.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2022 / RLBLCpronounced royal block, airs the upcoming launch of its Web3 real estate platform that integrates lifestyle and social media features. The platform, whose name combines real estate and blockchain, responds to the challenges many of today’s young professionals face when trying to build value in home ownership. RLBLC invests in luxury real estate assets leveraging blockchain technology. By purchasing an RLBLC Genesis NFT Membership, members can enjoy the community and own the ultimate financial and lifestyle asset: luxury residential. real estate.

RLBLC is a private members only collective, and will launch an exclusive collection of 1,000 NFTs of Genesis membership this summer. the RLBLC The collection will grant access to the community and unlock special benefits reserved for its holders in a 3-tier membership structure. This limited edition NFT collection will be accessible only to those who have applied for the White List and have been accepted through the application process through the RLBLC website.


“There is a massive audience of modern investors who want more than basic investments, they want opportunities that add value to their asset portfolio and lifestyle. RLBLC is committed to providing people with the investments they want in an efficient and affordable way leveraging Web3 technology,” said Ari S. Goldberg, RLBLC Founder and CEO.

This desire paved the way for RLBLC to take advantage of the greatest strengths of blockchain by offering a more efficient and transparent real estate experience. The benefits of having an RLBLC Genesis NFT membership include priority access to opportunities and bookings, and an assignment at the next RLBLC ICO. This turnkey investment provides opportunities that offer the best of luxury property ownership and eliminates the stress and headaches associated with conventional home ownership.

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RLBLC Genesis Membership NFT benefits include:

  • Access to highly coveted luxury real estate investment opportunities.
  • Discounted stays at existing and future RLBLC IRL properties.
  • Priority whitelist for all upcoming RLBLC project releases.
  • Entry to the private Alpha group of the RLBLC.
  • Early access to the RLBLC Web3 real estate lifestyle platform.
  • VIP invitations for all RLBLC parties, dinners and events.
  • Reserved allocations in the next RLBLC ICO.
  • Early booking at RLBLC properties.

RLBLC’s Web3 platform was purposefully developed to revolutionize real estate investing for millennials who want to make smart financial decisions and enjoy those assets as they come to appreciate them. A revolutionary concept, RLBLC combines a membership community with luxury real estate, blockchain technology, and decentralization that will pave the way for a new demographic to thrive within real estate.

RLBLC will celebrate the launch of the platform with a VIP party during NFT.NYC on June 23, 2022, those who want to attend can RSVP here. If you are interested in purchasing an RLBLC Genesis NFT membership, it will be available to purchase by credit card through its partnership with NFTpay or with Ethereum on Metamask this summer.

About RLBLC: RLBLC is a Web3 real estate lifestyle platform for a collective of individuals who want to create generational wealth through luxury property ownership, crypto, metaverse, and NFT assets. More information can be found at and on the social networks @rlblc_eth (Twitter) and @rlblc.eth (Instagram and Facebook).

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