Presentation is key in staging luxury homes for sale


With affluent sites like MacDonald Highlands in Henderson, The Ridges in Summerlin, and Southern Highlands real estate, Las Vegas offers a wide selection of luxury homes for wealthy individuals looking to buy their next home or for those interested in selling their home.

Contributors Darin Marques, founder of the Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, and Heidi Carlsen, home staging expert at Stately Home Staging, know the direct pulse of luxury real estate in Southern Nevada and understand what helps to sell these properties to high value people. earning individuals. The answer is in the presentation. These two associate experts weigh in on the key elements of home staging and what it means from both the realtor’s and designer’s point of view.

Marques gives his thoughts on how to seal the real estate deal with proper staging:


When showing a home, a store-like experience can make all the difference. This can include how the space is lit, what it smells like, and perhaps most importantly, how it is arranged with furniture and various accessories. All of these factors play into the overall mood and can help a potential buyer remember a property much more, and perhaps commit to buying it.

Consider a completely blank canvas, an empty house, versus one that is well organized. In larger, more luxurious homes, when not staged, people walk in and imagine where a sofa or table could go. It can be quite a mystery, visually, at the time.

Staging takes the guesswork out of potential buyers, giving them an idea of ​​how spaces can be used and optimized. It’s not unlike people walking into a model home. There is a certain element of excitement that comes from seeing a filled space.

As for the agent-theater relationship, it’s best if everyone essentially stays in their own lanes while cohesively working together to sell a property. Agents will often work with a trusted scenario provider, where their opinions matter most at the point of decision. In some scenarios, the organizer can interact directly with the home seller and have immediate access to the professionals who fix up their space.

Looking at the entire transaction, staging is one of the tools in the toolbox that would speed up a home sale. One success story among many, our team recently leased a $5 million+ home in the Southern Highlands in 30 days, while typical days on the market for this price point is 97 days. I have no doubt that the staging was a vital factor in making this happen.

No agent should be a jack of all trades. A trusted presenter is part of the team and I sell a full team experience to buyers.

Carlsen points out that clients should design with sales in mind:

When it comes to coordinating a home staging, a designer’s job is really to sell a sentiment. Successful home sales depend on that very palpable emotional connection that a potential buyer feels the moment he walks into a home. Home staging plays an essential role in the psychology of decision-making and, on a subconscious level, allows someone to really begin to imagine themselves in their future home.

This is especially true for luxury homes that are priced in the multi-million dollar range. Even in today’s market, where you hear of homes selling very quickly, top-tier properties with extremely high value tend to have a slower turnaround time compared to the average home sale.

For this reason, it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends, so that a staged home looks fresh and truly desirable. Design implementations and product quality are crucial in enlivening a space that might be perceived as ordinary, dated, or lived-in. An expertly arranged home plays its part in accelerating the interest of potential buyers and contributing to a faster sale.

As design experts, we tell a story with furniture, decorative pieces and other design elements. Some of the biggest challenges exist when it comes to making effective use of space.

Sometimes an original home design has an impeccable location and beautiful architecture, but it doesn’t have enough functionality to meet the needs of modern living. As staging experts, we have the ability to “solve” a challenging space, which is vital in showing any interested buyer how much value they can get out of every square inch of their home.

The result will speak for itself, as we have seen that houses that are not organized can spend 70 percent more time on the market.

Darin Marques is a Las Vegas-based luxury home specialist and founder of the Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, a real estate agency.

Heidi Carlsen is a designer at Stately Home Staging, where she leads design efforts to transform luxury home environments into beautiful living. spaces designed to seduce potential home buyers.