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The newsletters, sub-stacks, mass emails are piling up. Now someone explain why they’re so boring.

In the last 10 days or so I realized that everyone at his brother is in the Newsletter/Substack game and it reminds me of the old days when I started blogging back in 2007 but things were FUN really FUN back then .

Today for example I open the Robinhood newsletter which somehow made it to my inbox and it’s total misery in the market which is understandable as Robinhood is in the investment world but then it goes on with miserable news for consumers, miserable news about the crypto winter and Russia renaming their McDonald’s.

I approach The Hustle substack or newsletter. At this point I can’t tell the difference and the clue is that Amazon might have run out of workers to hire (enter robots…I’ve said it a hundred times, they’ll replace us…soon).


That’s followed by news about a teacher shortage, Google ripping off small businesses (allegedly), and recycling urine, which is pretty interesting. That was the extent of the FUN.

See, my point here is that we are into an era where FUN has been completely sucked out of our bodies. The Internet was born to be fun and wild. Meanwhile, at some point, smug nerds took over the controls at thousands of businesses and announced that there would be no fun.

Now we’re stuck with absolutely miserable newsletters and secondary piles piling up in my inbox that lack an ounce of fun.

Damn, summer starts today. This is when we should relax. This is when you should be drinking beers at the entrance. The music should be on. Children should create their own pool adventures.

It’s June 21st and I can’t get one of these newsletters or substacks to relax for a damn minute. Write a dirty joke in these newsletters. Show some skin. Embed a fart video.

So my message today, as I pack to get out of here for a few days, is to get out in nature this summer and HAVE FUN. Please. I beg you.

Don’t let these wretched newsletters and sub-piles win the battle with your brain.

Oh, and be sure to submit fun times that you come across. That is why this column is read daily by tens of thousands of people.

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Display outside Rocco’s Pizza in Omaha

• Mississippi’s Bill C. is back on the road and this time he’s in the College World Series. Bill writes:

I do not [think] the cooler is full of jello shots.

Yard Lost & Found Tips

• Guy G. writes:

I’m finally stuck at work and home after adding all 3dr child to the mix. He seems to have found a new groove, and the 2yo is helping (riding) with the TNML team now.

I smoked a brisket for Father’s Day. Breast eggs should be in your weekend meal rotation. While the eggs aren’t attached, having this beautiful piece to cut at 10:30am on a Sunday morning…is a great way to start the day.

Lost and found at our place, which used to have legendary parties, was that you had to call or text within 2 days to get it back. Now, if it’s here and you forgot, come get it. Our parties are more tame now, usually ending by 11pm, except for Super BBQ weekend (Labor Day), which is a little later. We’ve earned more koozies than we know what to do with, and we keep them in a basket to use at the next party. Food storage containers are washed and placed in our rotation, until reclaimed at a later time.

We are all real adults now. If you leave it, it’s your own fault… unless it’s clothes or children’s toys. We’ll get them back quickly.

golf course

• Rob in NC writes:

Great annual get together with my HS guys and would recommend a golf trip to New England if you haven’t already. Killington CC and Fox Run CC in Ludlow VT both great. I took home $38 and the JBO (brother we lost a few years ago) trophy for a year was in a winter hat on Saturday, but it was worth it. I hope you enjoy yours and I came home with a Blackstone griddle so I need some guidance on that and will welcome any suggestions or recipes. Have a good trip and keep it up SCN.

Aren’t you supposed to christen a Blackstone with bacon and eggs with a side of fries and then smash burgers in the same night?

in dads

• Mike T. in Idaho thought you might appreciate this insight from Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham, as he told Oregon writer John Canzano:

“Everything that I am as a coach, as a teacher I got from my father. I was lucky to play for him in college. He treated me harder than anyone. I have never been around a coach who conveys complex information in a simple way. Everything I am, I learned from my father. He was disciplined. I went to BYU as a fullback. After my freshman year I switched to linebacker. I have a cleaning duty as a sophomore. Once, at the end of my sophomore season game against UTEP, we were way ahead. It was a QB sprint. My job was to shoot and keep the quarterback contained. I didn’t shoot. They made a great play. I messed up the task. I got to the sideline and my dad was like, ‘You suck! You were awful! I used that as motivation. It lit a fire under me. That moment stands out more than any other in my college career.”

About jet fuel to mow the lawn

• Beau in Toledo’s use of jet fuel (he says it’s about $8.05 a gallon right now) has caught the attention of Ryan S. in Northwest Ohio, who writes:

All in all, especially when you throw the words plane or jet in front of fuel, $7.28 – $8.48 isn’t too bad. I thought for sure it would be $10 and up.

Is it weird that diesel fuel is about $6.18 in Ohio, jet fuel is $8.05, and it costs that much to fill a boat on Lake Erie? Ryan is right, it sounds like the jet fuel would be a lot higher just based on the application.

Perhaps a fuel expert could help put some perspective on this.

Talking about Beau in Toledo

• Beau has his finger on the pulse of inflation. He writes:

A coworker sent me this... BU is a dang good bakery on Secor around the  corner from me...

at the solstice

Now I need to reach out to Raleigh Screenshots reader in Fairbanks, AK to see how he and his fellow Alaskans are celebrating the solstice. If you have never experienced a summer night in Alaska, I highly recommend it. There is something special about leaving a bar at midnight and not being dark.

Go out and attack the first day of summer. I have a golf bag to pack.

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