Mike Wenglikowski Joins Saginaw District Golf Elite


FREELAND, MI – Mike Wenglilowski isn’t as good as he used to be, but he’s better than he used to be.

Wenglikowski, 41, joined the elite company of the Saginaw District Golf Tournament on Sunday, claiming his third consecutive District title at Apple Mountain in Freeland.

He also owns three Bay County Championships, with the former Northwood University golfer winning in 2000, 2003 and 2005.


“I’m not as good as I was then, but I’m better than I’ve been recently,” Wenglikowski said. “Back then, you played golf all the time. You’re young.”

Wenglikowski moved to Saginaw in 2010 and took a job at Garber Chevrolet. He also became a dad. Brynn Wenglikowski is 10 years old and studies at Swan Valley.

“Nick Krattiger has three children and I told him it was going to be difficult for him,” Wenglikowski said. “You just don’t play golf as much as you used to once you had kids. I know I didn’t. But now that my daughter is older, I’ve been able to go out more, play more golf.

“So I don’t play golf as much as I used to, but I’m playing golf more than I have in the last two years. I am in a happy medium of playing hard, working hard and spending time with family. And it helps my golf game. So I’m not as good as I was 20 years ago, but I’m better than I’ve ever been.”

That medium has become too much of an obstacle for the rest of the Saginaw County countryside. Only two other golfers have won three consecutive District titles, with Ron Stelter doing it twice. Stelter won from 1962 to 1964 and again from 1968 to 1970. Matt Pumford also won three consecutive Districts from 2012 to 2014.”

Wenglikowski trailed Krattiger by three strokes after the first round, but closed the gap on the 12th hole in the second round. Wenglikowski hit a 3-wood on the par-5 hole for 563 yards. Two shots later, he had an eagle.

“If I hit the 3-wood wrong, I lose two shots instead of winning two,” Wenglikoski said. “That was the turning point in the tournament.”

After a Friday 72 and a Saturday 73, Wenglikowski finished with a Sunday 72 for a 1-over-217. After a Friday 69, Krattiger shot a Saturday 76 and a Sunday 79 to finish second with 224, seven shots behind Wenglikowski.

Adam Jacobs was third with 9 over 225.

“You need patience on this field,” Wenglikowski said. “There are so many places to get into trouble. This is a difficult course.”

Wenglikowski will have little time to celebrate. He tees off at 9:30 am Monday at the Michigan Amateur golf course at Hawk Hollow in Bath.

Todd Essex claimed the Senior title with 236, beating Roger Pumford by three strokes. Saginaw Nouvel sophomore Alex McCarthy finished sixth overall to win the 21 Club title, beating Swan Valley’s Ashton DiBlasi by six shots.

Apple Mountain member Dan Hughes finished a dominant tournament to claim the Legends Division championship by 10 strokes. Hughes, playing off the tees at Legends, shot a 72 on Sunday to finish with a 215, followed by Terry Franz at 225.

Hughes is a four-time District Open Division champion.

The 2023 Saginaw District is scheduled for The Sawmill, and Wenglikowski hopes to go for his fourth straight championship.

“As long as I can do it, I’ll be there,” Wenglikowski said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Saginaw District 2022

open division

Mike Wenglikowski72-73-72—217

Nick Krattiger 69-76-79—224

Adam Jacobs 74-72-79—225

Nicholas White 74-75-78—227

pumford matte 76-74-78—228

Alex McCarthy 75-76-67—229

Ashton Di Blasi 76-77-82—235

Brandon Schneider81-78-77—236

Todd Essex83-74-79—236

Brian Allen 78-76-82—236

Micah Skidmore 77-85-77—239

Roger Pumford81-78-80—239

Daniel Gladki 76-85-80—241

Alan Pumford78-82-82—242

Justin Bellinger 77-80-86—243

Mitchell Hughes74-82-87—243

Andres Gladki 78-81-86—245

Hunter Koch 77-86-85—248

Adam Haswell 83-80-86—249

Legends Division

Dan Hughes70-73-72—215

Terry Franz 76-77-72—225

Steve Yockey 76-78-77—231

Eric Frost 77-81-79—237

Bill Coulter81-79-79—239

Steve Soulliere 77-76-90—243

Rick Johnson 80-84-86—250

Paul Gerwin 88-80-86—254

John Kowalewski 87-80-89—256

John Vondette 82-86-88—256

Bill Kundinger 88-80-92—260


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