Latifi insists he will end the 2022 F1 season


In the roundup: Nicholas Latifi is demanding he end the 2022 Formula 1 season as speculation about his future mounts.


Latifi: “I will be behind the wheel for the rest of the year”

Despite a rocky start to his third season at Williams, Latifi has insisted on finishing the year with the team. “I know I’m going to be driving for the rest of the year,” she said when asked about his future after Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix. “I don’t really have any comment to say on that,” she added.

Alpine reserve pilot Oscar Piastri has been linked to the unit. Some have claimed that Latifi will make his last F1 outing at his home race this weekend before making way for the reigning Formula 2 champion.


Latifi admitted that his place in the team in 2023 is uncertain. “I definitely feel like I’m under pressure,” she said. “I think it would be the same for any driver who doesn’t have a contract for the following year.

“I think the pressure is always there, no matter if I was having great performances or where I am now, which is obviously not where I want to be.”

“Obviously I know I need to improve,” Latifi admitted. “I want to improve. I’m not happy with the way things are at the moment, so I’m happy to try and keep taking steps to improve it.”

The development of midfield teams at a crucial point to define the order

Pierre Gasly says the incredibly tight midfield means the next rounds of team upgrades will be crucial in defining the final order.

“I’m pretty sure every race weekend you can already anticipate which team will be faster, which team will have more problems,” Gasly commented after scoring his best result of the season so far at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. “But we’re also going to have, not now, but some updates, other teams will bring some updates and this will evolve.

“Because right now, we saw it in qualifying, our midfield is a battle obviously between the top four, then there is a universe between fourth and fifth place, but then five to six teams, all within three tenths. . So I think the development in the next few weeks will be crucial.”

Drugovich could be “a little more cautious” towards the end of the season

Formula 2 championship leader Felipe Drugovich extended his lead over Théo Pourchaire to 49 points last weekend, but admitted it is “still too early to say” whether the title is a realistic possibility.

“There are many more points available than I have in the gap with P2. Théo has done a good job and there are also a lot of guys coming up fast behind so we just have to wait and see. I’ll do the best he can.”

He’s prepared to be more cautious at certain rounds to ensure he continues to rack up championship points.

“We try to do our best like always, but at the same time I think the only thing that could change, towards the end, is to be a little more cautious,” Drugovich said. “Especially on topics like [Baku] where we have chaotic races.

“Apart from that, we just have to try to be quick and that’s it. Once you have a good grade, everything is easier.”

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