Laguna Phuket launches luxury residences


LONDON, 28 June 2022: Demand for overseas housing for investment or permanent residence in Laguna Phuket has soared, with property sales reaching a record THB 1.35bn (GBP 30m) in the first quarter of 2022, compared to just THB 250 million (GBP6 million) during the same period last year.

Relocating to seek new business possibilities, personal growth or a new horizon for young families or early retirees are all driving consumer interest in destinations like Phuket in Thailand.

Angsana Oceanview Residences (top right) are located within the Laguna Phuket integrated destination.

Laguna Phuket is a 1,000-acre community built on former tin mining land over 30 years ago by the visionary founder of Banyan Tree Holdings, KP Ho. He bought the land, cleared it and filled in the craters where tin was mined to create a series of impressive natural lagoons.


Over the years, the destination has been transformed into an elegant enclave of hospitality and residences, where a total of seven hotels are located, surrounded by lagoons, five kilometers of beach, bicycle paths, the new wellness concept The Veya by Banyan Tree, boutique shops, restaurants and beach clubs, including a recent addition of a floating bar “The Atoll” in the middle of one of the lagoons, and an 18-hole golf course. As a result, the area surrounding Laguna Phuket, Cherng Talay, has flourished, with independent restaurants, gourmet supermarkets, specialty wine shops, and a host of other fitness and arts activities.

“Creating an integrated community has always been at the heart of our brand DNA since our founding in 1983,” says Laguna Resorts & Hotels. Deputy Executive Director Stuart Reading. “Our transformation from a former tin mine to a tourist destination has been quite a journey. Now, we are giving our international clientele the opportunity to transform their lives. We are seeing increased demand from buyers looking for both primary and secondary homes in a relaxing environment where they can enjoy a premium lifestyle and total peace of mind, backed by leading brands, spectacular scenery and of course the beach with Bangtao Bay, a sublime backdrop.”

Laguna Phuket recently introduced Angsana Oceanview Residences, a collection of low-rise apartments overlooking the Andaman Sea. Each unit features two bedrooms and elegant living rooms that open to a private outdoor terrace and infinity pool. With high-spec interiors blessed with natural light, panoramic views, and fully connected with the latest technology, these residences are designed to be a great place to stay, play, and be productive in paradise.

Managed by the Banyan Tree Group, Angsana Oceanview Residences benefits from Angsana Laguna Phuket’s five-star facilities and can be enjoyed year-round or added to the rental pool for rent if residents choose not to stay there.

Laguna Resorts & Hotels is one of Thailand’s largest SET-listed developers of residences and resorts, accounting for more than 40 percent of the properties on the central west coast of the island, ranging from affordable condominiums from THB5 million (GBP120,000) to luxury houses and villas worth THB 100 million (GBP 2.4 million) and more. This creates excellent options for foreign buyers looking for a strategic investment, a second home or a new life in the sun.

Angsana Oceanview Residences is part of an exclusive portfolio of properties from Banyan Tree Group, which has won 20 awards, including six prestigious International Property Awards, for its properties in Laguna Phuket in the last three years: villas, condominiums and private residences in a variety of segments. The enduring appeal of warm Thai hospitality and the Banyan Tree brand make Angsana Oceanview Residences a compelling choice for all potential investors, including couples, families and retirees.

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