I’ve been dead since July 4, 2016, but congratulations to the Warriors.


feltbot: Kevin Durant’s Legacy Just Died Now he’s just the guy between Harrison Barnes and Andrew Wiggins. Kevin Durant: I’ve been dead since July 4, 2016, but congratulations to the dubs and to my son Steezy, a Fillmore legend, the man who’s been waiting his whole life for a show on Market St.
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miguel reads @MrMichaelLee
Bob Myers deserves a big raise. The past decade he is: Drafted Draymond. Steph signed a $44 million extension that made it possible for Iguodala and KD to come. He hired Kerr. He didn’t just let KD walk; he traded it for what became Wiggins & Kuminga. He brought 4 rings to the bay. Cha-ching. – 15:02

Lev Akabas @LevAkabas
30-5-5 with 60% true shooting in an NBA Finals series win:
1991 MJ
2017 KD
2021 Giannis
Steph 2022 – 14:07


StatMuse @statmuse
Most clutch baskets in the last 10 playoffs:
62—Stephen Curry
59-LeBron James
54—Kevin Durant
49—Kawhi Leonard
#MuseTakeover @WarriorsMuse

sam amick @sam_amic
An inside look at how the Draymond Green-Warriors partnership persevered and a plane ride to remember, at @ElAthletic
They talked about life, children, marriage. And yes, even the Durant-Green pod which was a bigger problem than they had said at the time.… – 10:51

micah adams @MicahAdams13
I would put Steph Curry in 11th place, just outside and now one spot above Kevin Durant.

tommy beer @tommycerveza
Kevin Durant’s averages per game against Boston in the first round:
26.3 points
5.8 rebounds
1.8 did 3PT
42.8% eGFR%
5.3 turnovers
Steph Curry’s averages per game against Boston in the NBA Finals:
31.2 points
6.0 rebounds
5.2 did 3PT
59.5% eGFR%
2.5 turnovers – 10:28

Vincent Good Will @vincegoodwill
When asked about@YahooSportsif I wanted to win without Kevin Durant,
Steph Curry: “Sure…” the Petty King remembering everything, and even having green T-shirts that say “Ayesha can’t cook”… – 09AM

brand deeks @MarkDeeksNBA
Golden State got older, slower, traded Kevin Durant for Andrew Wiggins and still won the title. – 7:09 a.m.

Lev Akabas @LevAkabas
Multiple-time leading scorers for the NBA Finals-winning team since 1970:
MP (6x)
LeBron (4x)
Karim (3x)
Shake (x3)
Duncan (x3)
Estefa (2x)
K.D. (2x)
Kobe (x2)
Hakim (2x)
Parker (2x)
Mainly sharing why Magic and Bird aren’t on this list, but Tony Parker is 🤯 – 1:14 a.m.

micah adams @MicahAdams13
Steph Curry beats a team in the Finals that swept Kevin Durant.
Steph without KD
– 2 Titles
– 3 final trips
– 2 MVPs
– Series 12-3 WL
KD without Steph
– 0 Titles
– 1 finals trip
– 1 MVP
– Series 11-8 WL
The general body of the word replaces what happened in 2017 and 2018. – 1:01 a.m.

Chris Palmer @Chris Palmer NBA
Warriors won a ring against Kevin Durant. They won a ring with Kevin Durant. They won a ring after Kevin Durant. – 00:14

Aaron J. Fentress @aaronjfentress
My God, Jeff Van Gundy For the Warriors to win without Durant is NOT extraordinary. They won a title against Durant and had a 73-game season against Durant. 🤦🏽‍♂️ – 12:00 AM

StatMuse @statmuse
KD really left this for Kyrie

carl butler @butlers
Nothing against Kevin Durant, who was great here, but the Warriors also exorcised the ghost of his departure. Most pundits thought Golden State’s title era was over the day he left. Almost everyone, actually, including myself. That is what makes this championship so extraordinary. – 23:54

Dan Favale @danfavale
“steph needed kd to beat lebron… but the celtics literally handed him these two trophies”

Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS
Kevin Durant is trending tonight, so fuck it, I’ll share it.
I just placed my first futures bet of the 2022-23 season.

tommy beer @tommycerveza
Total number of NBA Finals games with more than 30 points, 5 triples and 5 rebounds:
Stephen Curry: 6
All other players in NBA history COMBINED: 6
(LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, Rashard Lewis and Kobe Bryant have one of those games) – 23:36

StatMuse @statmuse
Fun fact: The last 5 Finals MVPs are the last 5 All-Star Game MVPs.
LeBron (2018 ASG MVP, 2020 FMVP)
Durant (2019 ASG MVP, 2018 FMVP)
Kawhi (2020 ASG MVP, 2019 FMVP)
Giannis (2021 ASG MVP, 2021 FMVP)
Steph (’22 ASG MVP, ’22 FMVP)
All from Team LeBron.

StatMuse @statmuse
Tatum had a crazy run in the playoffs:
— 1st in points
— 1st in assists
— ECF Most Valuable Player
— The youngest with 600/100/100
— Beat KD, Giannis, Jimmy
— Fell 46 down 3-2 at Bucks
— Had 13 assists in his Finals debut
— Won 2 games 7
Head up.

damichel cole @damichelc
It was a bad breakup, but yeah…Draymond Green was right about the Warriors not needing KD. – 23:27

joseph newman @Joshua_Newman
Durant, blah, blah, blah.
This Warriors outfit is a dynasty for all time. – 22:38

Dan Favale @danfavale
steph curry never *needed* a finals MVP, not for his legacy, not to prove anything independent of kd, not even to silence the loudspeakers and compromise soldiers who insisted he did.
went out and got one anyway. – 22:38

StatMuse @statmuse
Steph Curry has 5 games with 5+ 3-pointers since this year’s Finals alone.
That’s all Ray Allen and Kevin Durant have in their careers together.

Mike Lynch @SportInfo247
Steph wins the Finals MVP and also legitimately claims the ones “earned” by iggy and KD: 22:37

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