Historic home with Poplar restaurant for sale in Charlotte NC


Chopo Tapas Restaurant & Bar.

Chopo Tapas Restaurant & Bar.

When two couples living in uptown Ward 4 saw a historic house in their neighborhood for sale, they began to worry about its fate.


Not only was the house over a century old, it is also home to the popular Poplar tapas restaurant and bar..

“We wanted that type of property to be in the hands of people who value the neighborhood and won’t tear it down,” Heath Knott told The Charlotte Observer on Thursday. So the couples ended up buying the site for $2.2 million in a deal that is expected to close on Friday.

Knott and her husband Adam Schooler, along with Brian and Brittani Phillips, formed 701 North Poplar Street LLC.

The four are also part of the Friends of the Fourth Ward neighborhood association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to community development. And together, they have combined experience in real estate, development, construction, and rehabilitation and restoration.

“We share a passion to protect and improve the Fourth Ward,” Knott said. In fact, Knott and Schooler have restored other Victorian homes, including another house nearby at 428 N. Polar St.

On Friday, the friends will close on the purchase of the 122-year-old, two-story white trading house at 224 W. 10th St., known as the Morrison House, for $2.2 million, Knott said.

And, Poplar, which opened in 2016, will remain there, Knott said. “For now, it stays as it is,” he said.

Poplar Tapas Wine & Spirits offers alfresco dining in Charlotte’s 4th Ward. Alex Cason charlottefive

About Charlotte’s Historic House

Built in 1900, the more than 3,300-square-foot Queen Ann-style home was owned by descendants of Dr. Robert Hall Morrison, the founder and first president of Davidson College.

In 1983, James and Rosemary Latimore bought the property and opened Poplar Street Books, a used bookstore, according to a news release from Knott’s company, York Venture.

In 1999, Griffith bought the house for $415,000, Mecklenburg County property records show. Griffith owns the architecture and construction firm Metro Landmarks in Charlotte.

In 2016, Chopo restaurant Opened, owned by Griffith and executive chef Bruno Macchiavello.

On May 3, the property was listed for sale for $2 million with the Charlotte office of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty.

Griffith was not immediately available for comment Thursday.

About Tapas and bar Chopo

Poplar, known for its Peruvian-inspired tapas and patio with views of the Charlotte skyline, has several event space options on the first and second floor boardrooms, as well as front and back patios, according to the website. of the restaurant.

Poplar’s owner, Griffith, has two partners, according to the restaurant’s website, executive chef Bruno Macchiavello and historic preservation advocate Yolanda Johnson. Macchiavello is also part owner of the new Peruvian restaurant in the South End, Yunta.

Poplar’s has front seating for more than 40 people, plus back seating, according to the real estate listing. Upstairs has a full bath, conference room, and offices.

More about the new owners

The four new owners are part of the Friends of Fourth Ward neighborhood association.

The two couples, who are friends, decided to join forces in the venture to buy Morrison House, Knott said.

The Phillips founded the medical technology company MedShift. Brittani Phillips has been in real estate for 22 years. The couple also owns East Boulevard Development, which is the developer of a 300+ luxury rental project in Dilworth at East Boulevard and Lombardy Circle.

Schooler and Knott have renovated and restored several homes in the Fourth Ward, Plaza Midwood, Myers Park and Eastover neighborhoods.

Knott is founder and managing partner of the 22-year-old commercial real estate firm York Ventures. Schooler is a residential general contractor, specializing in the construction of luxury homes.

They plan to make improvements to the garden where the patio is an integral part of the property. “It’s been pretty well maintained,” Knott said.

Another historic house sold

Another historic house in the Fourth Ward that houses Alexander Michael’s restaurant was put up for sale in February.

The two-and-a-half-story building with blue and cream-red shutters at 401 W. 9th St. sold for nearly $1.6 million on March 16 to 24th Street Partners, Mecklenburg County property records show. Stephen Good Hood and Srinivas Mannava are listed as managers, state records show.

Knott said that having missed out on the purchase of that property, the four friends didn’t want to risk the opportunity at 224 W. 10th St. with the Morrison House.

“Having a commercial property like that is really a cornerstone for the neighborhood,” Knott said.

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