Heading to the US Open at The Country Club? This is what you need to know.


US Open 2022: tips for spectators

Ben Volin has spent the last three days at The Country Club. Here are seven tips to watch this week:

▪ Bring your children. The US Open’s best kept secret is that kids 12 and under get in free with a paying adult. It’s under the guise of growing the game. The US Open may not return to the Boston area for another 34 years, so take this opportunity to bring your kids so you don’t have to break the bank. (Just ask for the companion ticket when you arrive at the box office.)


▪ Most autographs are signed outside the locker room, just behind the 18th green. The USGA has installed a railing and golfers typically spend 10-15 minutes signing equipment for fans. For the biggest names, you may want to post along the rail as they hit the 17th hole.

▪ The best action may be on the 5th green, a 310-yard par 4. Many golfers teed off irons and played a wedge onto the green during practice rounds. But if the wind is right, you’ll see a lot of them get the driver out and onto the green in one.

▪ Calle No. 4 is also a great place to look. The fairway is shared by the third and fourth holes, so you can see the tee shots at No. #3 and approach shots at #. 4 without straining the neck too much.

▪ The first tee is a difficult setup for fans, with much of it blocked by rails and ropes. It’s best to skip the opening tee shot and head to first street, especially with larger groups.

▪ The merchandise store is located just to the left of the first street. Give yourself enough time to check it out. You will spend much more on golf equipment than you ever wanted to.

▪ If you ever wanted to see Francis Ouimet’s putter, or the ball used by Tommy Vardon at the 1913 US Open, the USGA has set up a museum with lots of cool artifacts near the second tee.

US Open 2022: Parking and Transportation

The USGA recommends taking public transportation, which provides free transportation to and from the following MBTA stations: Forest Hills, Boston College, Cleveland Circle, and Reservoir.

There is no fan parking at Forest Hills, Boston College, Cleveland Circle, or the Reservoir.

The MBTA offers free parking for US Open fans and volunteers at more than 100 MBTA stations. Fans are encouraged to park at one of the listed facilities and take the subway, commuter rail or bus to the championship. Parking rules, policies and payment enforcement will remain in effect for non-US Open attendees and MBTA commuters.

Parking: There is no general fan parking or parking for fans with disabilities available in the immediate vicinity of The Country Club.

Rideshares: Fans can take rideshare services to Larz Anderson Park. US Open rideshare and passenger drop-off will only be permitted in the designated area at Larz Anderson Park, accessed via Avon Street, and located a 10-minute walk from Gate 6.

Fans can also take rideshare services to Lot X (37 A Street, Needham), where complimentary transportation to and from The Country Club will be provided.

There is no parking or staging for vehicles at any of the locations, so pick-up times will need to be coordinated accordingly. Vehicles will be directed to follow signs and parking attendants to the appropriate pick-up and drop-off location. Access is limited to vehicles no larger than a 12-passenger van or limousine.

US Open 2022: Spectator Policies

Here’s what to watch out for this week:

Autographs: Autographs should only be obtained in designated areas at the conclusion of the player’s round. Autographs are not allowed on the field. This includes, but is not limited to, tees, fairways, greens, and practice areas during practice and championship rounds.

Safety and etiquette: Stay behind the gallery ropes and follow the instructions of the championship quarterbacks. Only cross streets in designated crosswalk areas. Be quiet and stand still when players are about to strike or when signaled to do so by marshals. All mobile devices must be set to silent or vibrate at all times.

First aid stations will be located next to holes 2, 14 and 16.

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