Haas F1 Team challenging after ‘losing 15 points’ in recent races


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  • The Haas F1 Team is on a streak of five consecutive Formula 1 Grands Prix without a point, during which there have been strategic mistakes, clumsy crashes and reliability hiccups.
  • The recent lackluster comeback has left Haas ninth in the F1 standings.
  • Haas has slipped behind Aston Martin, and is now only facing the struggling Williams team.

    The Haas F1 season got off to a magnificent start with that fairytale fifth place for recovery king Kevin Magnussen in Bahrain.

    Since then, things have soured a bit.

    Heading into Sunday’s F1 British Grand Prix, the team is on a run of five consecutive Grands Prix without a point, during which there have been strategic mistakes, clumsy accidents and reliability hiccups. The low point came at the most recent event in Canada, where the fifth- and sixth-place qualifying efforts of drivers Magnussen and Mick Schumacher were wasted before the race even got halfway.

    Magnussen suffered race-ruining lap one damage after grazing Lewis Hamilton – the second time in four Grands Prix the pair had hit – while Schumacher’s prospects ended when Ferrari’s power unit packed up.

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    Kevin Magnussen failed to score points in Canada despite a starting position of fifth.

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    The recent lackluster return has left Haas ninth in the standings, having fallen behind Aston Martin, and now alone against the struggling Williams team.

    “It’s not that we haven’t scored points and we can say that it’s the same thing that happens every time, it’s been different things: bad luck, reliability, some mistakes, it was just a bad period of time where things didn’t go well,” he said. Magnussen ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. “It looks like it’s going to come, it’s going to turn around and go our way at some point, so I’m not depressed because we have a car that is always competitive.

    “It is always exciting to start the weekend, the mood is high and we know there is a chance to score points in every race. It’s just about holding on and being patient.”

    Team boss Guenther Steiner added that “we should have 10 or 15 more points and we don’t”, but “we should and it wouldn’t get us anywhere. The only thing you can do is keep your spirits up, and everyone is optimistic.”

    “We had two tough years (in 2020 and 2021), and we just need to get back to where we were before and we’ll be fine. We finished fifth in the championship (in 2018) and a lot of the same people are here.

    “I don’t call what happened to us on race days bad luck, but it will change, we’ll get going and it will be fine. We had five races where, out of the five, at least four we should have scored points. They’re not there, that’s what we missed.

    “Obviously I’m not trying to hide and find five minutes of excuses for what we did. Yes, we have to do better on Sundays.”

    Mechanical failures plagued Magnussen in Monaco and Azerbaijan, but in both races the Dane squandered his prospects with first lap crashes with Hamilton, while running in the top six.

    But neither Magnussen nor Steiner feel that a change in approach is needed.

    “It is not entirely normal to have these light contacts, but it seems that this year with a light contact there is a great consequence. When we crashed in Barcelona, ​​we both had punctures, and in Canada I lost a bit of the front wing, but it got stuck and I had to pit, so there was a big penalty for that,” Magnussen said. “I don’t think I need to change that much, but you never want contact, so I’ll try to avoid it.

    Steiner backed up his driver.

    “To be honest, both times he paid the price and normally that doesn’t happen,” Steiner said. “If you tell them what to do, to go slowly, you know what happens: someone hits you. It’s one of those things where I say guys do their best, stay out of trouble, but can you guarantee it? No way.

    “You don’t have control of the other 19 cars.”

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