Goals and Summaries: Pumas 0-3 Monterrey in Friendly Match 2022 | 06/22/2022


22:56 an hour ago


The match is over, Rayados categorically defeats Pumas.

22:55 an hour ago



América is still looking to increase the advantage, but León’s defense is well stopped.

22:52 an hour ago


Goal, goal… CANCELED! Dinenno scores for the university students after a good play, but the referee signals offside.

22:51 an hour ago


Goalie! Shot by Rayados, but Alcalá launches well to avoid the fourth.

22:48 an hour ago


Good defensive center from Diogo, preventing Montes from shooting on goal.

22:40 an hour ago


Goal, goal, goal for Rayados! Rodrigo Aguirre scores the third for Los Regios.

22:37 an hour ago


Dangerous play by Huerta, but the defense ends up cutting the pass.

22:26 2 hours ago


Cougar substitutions. Diogo de Oliveira and Gil Alcalá replace Favio Álvarez and Julio González.
Striped substitutions. Medina, Funes Mori and González are replaced by Montes, Aguirre and Gallardo.

22:23 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Rayados! Luis Romo shoots inside the area to increase Rayados’ lead.

22:18 2 hours ago


Del Prete’s half-decomposed shot, but the ball ends up in the goalkeeper’s hands.

22:16 2 hours ago


Shot by Pizarro, but the ball goes over the goal.

22:10 2 hours ago


The action resumes for the second half.

22:09 2 hours ago

Four. Five’

Change of Monterey. Héctor Moreno leaves and Sebastián Vegas takes his place.
Change of Cougars. Ricardo Galindo leaves for Araujo.

21:53 2 hours ago


At the end of the first half, Monterrey outscored Pumas by a slim margin.

21:50 2 hours ago


Good deflection by Aldrete, preventing Rayados from shooting at the goal.

21:47 2 hours ago


Pumas fails to generate danger, Monterrey attacks with everything.

21:38 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal for Rayados! Alfonso González takes a first shot to open the scoring.

21:34 2 hours ago


The game has not yet reached its best level, the ball is passed, but nobody takes the initiative.

21:26 3 hours ago


Long pass looking for Huerta, but the ball ends up being rejected by the defense.

21:18 3 hours ago


Moreno’s dangerous shot, but the ball ends up going over the goal.

21:15 3 hours ago


A back and forth match, with both sides looking to create danger, but without finishing the play.

21:06 3 hours ago


Pumas and Rayados start.

21:01 3 hours ago

Cougars: Lineup

J. Gonzalez; R. Galindo, N. Freire, J. Rivas, A. Aldrete, L. López, S. Trigos, F. Álvarez, C. Huerta, J. Dinenno, G. Del Prete.

20:57 3 hours ago

Monterey: Lineup

E. Andrada; H. Moreno, S. Medina, E. Aguirre, E. Gutiérrez, L. Romo, C. Ortiz, A. González, R. Pizarro, M. Meza, R. Funes Mori.

20:51 3 hours ago

To the court

Both teams are already on the field, ready to warm up before the start of this important match.

20:48 3 hours ago

The following are present

Both teams are already inside the stadium and will seek to close their preparation with a victory.

20:48 3 hours ago

everything is ready

The locker room of both teams is ready to receive the players of both teams, who will look for a pleasant game.

20:37 3 hours ago

Kick off!

The duo Del Prete, Dinenno will be the starter in the attack of the feathered team, what a duel is expected.

20:32 3 hours ago

Is here!

Pumas will be able to count on Gustavo del Prete for the match, the striker managed to get his papers in order and was able to join the preseason.

20:27 4 hours ago

for another win

Monterrey, with Vucetich in the lead, will look for a new victory in this preseason for the 2022 Apertura.

20:22 4 hours ago


Juan Ignacio Dinenno will continue with Pumas for a long time, the striker renewed his contract with Pumas until 2024.

20:17 4 hours ago

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20:12 4 hours ago

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How to watch Pumas vs Monterrey live on TV and online?

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What is the friendly match Pumas vs Monterrey on the way to Apertura 2022?

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What statements of tPumas

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How are the Pumas coming?

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How do you get to Monterey?

19:42 4 hours ago

The match will be played at HEB Park Stadium.

The Pumas vs Monterrey game will be played at HEB Park Stadium located in Edinborg, Texas. The stadium has a capacity for 9,735 people.

19:37 4 hours ago

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