Goals and Summaries: Atlas (3)2-2(4) Cruz Azul in SuperCopa MX 2022 | 06/26/2022


23:26 an hour ago

It’s over!

Cruz Azul is crowned champion in the SuperCopa MX and defeats Atlas prior to the start of Apertura 2022.

23:25 an hour ago



He missed it! Julián Quiñones ends up flying the ball and gives Cruz Azul the victory.

23:24 an hour ago


Goal, goal Cruz Azul! Giménez shoots the ball to give Los Celestes the lead.

23:23 an hour ago


Goal, goal of the Atlas! Trejo sends the ball down the wrong side of Jurado’s dive and scores for the two-time champions.

23:22 an hour ago


Goal, goal Cruz Azul! Excellent shot by Rodríguez who with determination sends the shot to the back of the net.

23:22 an hour ago


Goal, goal of the Atlas! Great goal from Atlas, Aldo Rocha sends the ball to the panenka, Jurado hits it and the ball enters the goal.

23:21 2 hours ago


Goal, goal Cruz Azul! Christian Tabó sends his shot and Vargas cannot save the ball.

23:20 2 hours ago


He missed it! Edison Flores crashes the ball into the crossbar to level the score.

23:19 2 hours ago


He missed it! Juan Escobar sends his shot to the post and misses the second penalty.

23:18 2 hours ago


Goal, goal of the Atlas! Reyes sends a lethal shot, Jurado reaches the ball, but the force of the shot is greater.

23:17 2 hours ago


Goal, goal Cruz Azul! Ángel Romero marks the first of the series.

23:10 2 hours ago


The match ends and everything will be decided from the penalty spot.

23:09 2 hours ago


Mayorga cut off Quiñones’ advance at the right moment, preventing the striker from continuing on his way.

23:05 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal by Atlas! After a shot by Vargas, the ball stays in the area and Quiñones ends up sending the ball into the back of the net to tie the game.

23:03 2 hours ago


After controlling the ball, Quiñones sent in a cross, but the defense cleared the ball out of the area.

22:59 2 hours ago


Defensive header that prevents Quiñones from shooting on goal.

22:51 2 hours ago


Change of Atlas. Aguilera leaves for Trejo.

22:49 2 hours ago


Quiñones enters the area and fails to hit the ball before the defense takes it away from him.

22:44 2 hours ago


Change of Atlas. Edgar Zaldivar leaves for Jeremy Marquez.

22:43 2 hours ago


Good save by Santamaría to prevent Giménez from shooting on goal

22:39 2 hours ago


Zaldívar’s long center, but nobody manages to get to the ball.

22:37 2 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal from Cruz Azul! Escobar’s center is received by Romero and with a lethal header he gives the advantage to the Celestes.

22:34 2 hours ago


Change of Atlas. Diego Barbosa is replaced by Edison Flores.

22:25 2 hours ago


Reyes shot, but the Celeste defense gets in the way.

22:23 2 hours ago


Change of Blue Cross. Carlos Rodríguez replaces Ignacio Rivero.

22:21 3 hours ago

Four. Five’

The game restarts and the ball rolls for the second half.

22:00 3 hours ago


Part time in Los Angeles. Atlas and Cruz Azul tie at the end of the first half.

21:57 3 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal from Cruz Azul! Giménez sent a lethal header to the goal, Vargas could do nothing to avoid the tie.

21:54 3 hours ago

Four. Five’

Cannon shot looking for Vargas’ goal, but the ball goes wide of the bottom line.

21:50 3 hours ago


Goal, goal, goal by Atlas! Aguilera’s free kick cannon shot, which sends the ball into the back of Jurado’s net.

21:44 3 hours ago


Change of Cruz Azul due to injury. Rafael Baca replaces Uriel Antuna.

21:38 3 hours ago


A round trip match, both teams looked for the rival goal without being able to create danger.

21:29 3 hours ago


Atlas tries to generate danger, but Escobar attentively avoids the arrival of Márquez.

21:21 4 hours ago


The game was very even in the midfield, with little football and many fouls in the first few minutes.

21:08 4 hours ago


The ball is rolling at the Dignity Health Sports Park.

20:51 4 hours ago

It’s almost time!

The match to find the champion will start shortly, and all the fans are already looking forward to this match.

20:42 4 hours ago

They can play!

Both Idekel Domínguez and Edison Flores could be active in tonight’s game against Atlas.

20:40 4 hours ago

Blue Cross: Alignment

S. Jury; A. Mayorga, J. Dominguez, L. Abram, J. Escobar; E. Lira, A. Romero, C. Tabó, I. Rivero; U. Antuna, S. Giménez.

20:35 4 hours ago

Atlas: Alignment

C. Vargas; H. Nervo, J. Abella, A. Santamaría, L. Reyes, D. Barbosa, E. Aguilera; E. Zaldívar, A. Rocha; O. Herrera, J. Quinones.

20:30 4 hours ago

To the court

Both teams are already on the field warming up before the start of the match.

20:20 5 hours ago

More wins to come?

Atlas arrives with all the attitude, after winning the two-time championship and the Champion of Champions, the team led by Cocca will go for this trophy.

20:15 5 hours ago

watch out for this player

Julián Quiñones is the most lethal player in Atlas, Cruz Azul must be very attentive to the striker and prevent him from approaching the goal guarded by Corona.

20:10 5 hours ago

watch out for this player

The player in charge of distributing the ball in the midfield and generating danger for the Celestes is Erik Lira, the midfielder will be looking to reach the Atlas goal and generate a lot of danger.

20:05 5 hours ago

dressing room ready

The jerseys of both teams are ready to be worn in this important match, which will define the champion of the SuperCopa MX.

20:00 5 hours ago

Some data

Several of the red and black players are nominated for the golden ball, which will be awarded at the end of the game, so they are very motivated.

19:55 5 hours ago

All ready!

The fans are already beginning to arrive at the Los Angeles stadium, ready to witness this game that will mark the start of the next season, which starts the following weekend.

19:50 5 hours ago

We are back!

We’re back to bring you minute-by-minute coverage of the match between Atlas and Cruz Azul. Soon we will share with you the most relevant information, as well as the confirmed lineups.

19:45 5 hours ago

Stay tuned for the live stream Atlas vs Cruz Azul

Soon we will share with you the starting lineups of the Atlas vs Cruz Azul live, as well as the latest information from the Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.

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How to watch Atlas vs Cruz Azul live on TV and online?

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What time is the Atlas vs Cruz Azul SuperCopa MX match?

19:30 5 hours ago

Blue Cross Statements

diego aguirreCruz Azul’s coach, spoke before the match: “I am proud to be in a great institution like Cruz Azul. We are prepared to play our best game and try to win it.

“First I want to congratulate Diego Cocca, winning a championship is difficult, he has done it twice.”

“Tomorrow is a challenge my dear. I was talking about adaptation, we have worked a lot, we have not been able to count on the complete squad”.

“I lack a lot of knowledge about Mexican soccer. It’s a nice test, facing the champion, it makes it an important match, for the cup, to try to win and give the fans a joy, we’re going to try”.

“In my case, as I am new to the club, of course I want more training, to be more with the players, to have more games, there I am understanding more and more what Mexican soccer is, that does not want us. be there tomorrow, play a final that is what it is, not in what we lack, but in what we have”.

“It’s a bit unusual to start a job with a final, that should be at the end, but this situation occurs and we’re going to play to win. This is not the time to talk about excuses, starting a cycle with an important victory would be wonderful and we are ready for that. Hopefully we can achieve that achievement, although we are in the process of getting to know and building the team.”

“Starting a cycle with a victory would be the best, and that the players give their best, we are in a knowledge of the players and the team”.

“Pressure, always, if you are in a big team and more if it is a match that is a final”.

“How is the team, I imagine situations, but to have a clearer answer, when it ends, we are very eager, with attitude, and links that are being formed that are good”.

“It’s logical that we have some uncertainty, I think it’s good and I have to see it when it comes to playing”.

“We try to be as responsible as possible in hiring a player, we are responsible in what we are doing.”

“We’re running behind schedule, and in the next few days maybe we’ll have some news.”

“Santi Giménez is a player with many conditions, he has shown a desire to go out and succeed, it is to get him ahead and help him improve, that is my role, he must earn his place and be someone important”.

“There always is, if you’re in a big team it’s like that and even more so if it’s a final. We are eager, with attitude and creating links that are good for a start to work, it is also logical that I have uncertainty in terms of performance, I think I can be fine, but I have to see it at game time”.

19:25 5 hours ago

How is Cruz Azul doing?

19:20 6 hours ago

How will Atlas arrive?

19:15 6 hours ago

The match will be played at Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium.

The Atlas vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium located in Los Angeles, California. The stadium has a capacity for 27,000 people.

19:10 6 hours ago

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