Goals and Highlights: Mexico (1) 1-1 (2) Guatemala in the 2022 CONCACAF Under-20 World Cup | 06/30/2022


12:40 5 hours ago


Shot from Mexico 11 that goes wide

12:39 5 hours ago



Missing Guatemalan 8 Shot

12:39 5 hours ago


Shot of 4 from Mexico that scores.

12:38 5 hours ago


Shot of the 6 of Guatemala that is lost

12:37 5 hours ago


Shot of the 3 of Mexico that goes off target

12:36 5 hours ago


Shot of the 7 of Guatemala that ends in goal

12:35 5 hours ago


5 from Mexico Violante’s shot is stopped by the Guatemalan goalkeeper.

12:35 5 hours ago


I shoot for the 4 of Guatemala and it is scored.

12:34 5 hours ago


Shot by number 9 Hernández saved by the Guatemalan goalkeeper.

12:29 5 hours ago

Full Time

The match ends with a tie at 1 goal and the pass will be defined by penalty kicks.

12:29 5 hours ago


To add 1 minute

12:23 5 hours ago


The fatigue is notorious and everything seems to indicate that the game will go to penalties.

12:19 5 hours ago


Mexico approaches the goal but the tie continues

12:13 5 hours ago


Second overtime begins

12:12 5 hours ago


The first extension ends with a tie at 1 goal.

12:06 5 hours ago


Mexico was close to scoring the difference goal but the tie continues

12:01 6 hours ago


Guatemala tries to take advantage of Mexico’s tiredness to score a goal but still can’t

23:55 6 hours ago


Extra time begins in the match

23:50 6 hours ago

Full Time

The game ends with a 1-1 draw in the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Under-20 World Cup.

23:48 6 hours ago


3 minutes will be added

23:46 6 hours ago


Mexico misses a penalty kick and Guatemala keeps the game tied

23:44 6 hours ago


Penalty in favor of Mexico

23:44 6 hours ago


Last 5 minutes of play and the game is still tied.

23:38 6 hours ago


Guatemala continues looking for the counterattack to score but Mexico does not slow down.

23:34 6 hours ago


Mexico looks for the difference goal while Guatemala tries to react

23:23 6 hours ago


The clock begins to be the enemy of Mexico, which continues to shoot but does not find the bottom of the goal

23:18 6 hours ago


Juarez leaves and Palencia enters through Guatemala.

23:13 6 hours ago


Mexico misses clear plays and Guatemala endures attacks

23:09 6 hours ago


Mexico still has possession of the ball but Guatemala defends with all its players.

23:05 6 hours ago

Four. Five

Honduras resumes action in Honduras

22:47 7 hours ago


The first half ends with the surprise of the tournament, since Guatemala eliminates Mexico.

22:46 7 hours ago

Four. Five

2 minutes will be added

22:41 7 hours ago


Mexico reacts to the score and tries to tie the game

22:37 7 hours ago


Guatemala escapes expulsion but was close to opening the scoring

22:31 7 hours ago


Guatemala is once again saved from conceding the first goal of the match

22:27 7 hours ago


Mexico cannot score in the match due to lack of imagination in the last third

22:20 7 hours ago


Guatemala responds and tries to keep control of the ball

22:16 7 hours ago


The same dynamic of the match continues with Mexico constantly attacking.

22:14 7 hours ago


Mexico very close to opening the scoring while Guatemala endures the attacks

22:05 7 hours ago


Mexico is the team that is ahead in the game

22:05 8 hours ago

Start game in Honduras

21:44 8 hours ago

Guatemala starts with these players

21:40 8 hours ago

Mexico presents its XI for the match

21:34 8 hours ago

A different pre-World Cup

After the problems that world football has suffered due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the World Cup returns with an age limit and with it the first World Cup in more than 3 years.

21:29 8 hours ago

CONCACAF U-20 World Cup quarterfinal matches

United States 2-0 Costa Rica, Panama 1-2 Honduras, Dominican Republic 1-0 Jamaica, Guatemala vs. Mexico.

21:24 8 hours ago

The stadium this afternoon

The Metropolitan Olympic Stadium will be in charge of hosting these quarterfinals that offer a ticket to the U-20 World Cup, located in San Pedro Sula in Honduras, it has a capacity for 37,325 spectators.

21:19 8 hours ago

The fight in the goal

Guatemala will have Moreno Alfaro, who has had a lot of work throughout the championship, while Mexico has the security of Eulogio Téllez.

21:14 8 hours ago

Goal difference for and against

Mexico has managed to score 19 goals in the tournament and has not conceded any, while Guatemala has so far scored 7 goals and conceded 8 goals.

21:09 8 hours ago

The best scorers of each team

On the Mexican side, the best scorer is Salvador Mariscal with 4 goals in the championship, while the Guatemalans have Allan Juárez and his 2 goals to compete with him.

21:04 9 hours ago

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20:59 9 hours ago

What time is the Mexico vs Guatemala match for the 2022 CONCACAF Under-20 World Cup?

20:54 9 hours ago

The Under 20 World Cup will be held in 2023 in Indonesia

The 23rd edition of the U20 World Cup will be held in Indonesia from May 20 to June 11, 2023, with 24 participants and 52 matches in almost 3 weeks of competition.

20:49 9 hours ago

Watch out for this player from Guatemala

20:44 9 hours ago

Watch out for this player from Mexico

Luis Ernesto Pérez’s team has very interesting players in all its lines, but one of the most outstanding is Salvador Mariscal, who scored 3 goals against Suriname and another against Puerto Rico.
Mexico will have to look for this player if they want a good touch on the ball, a very interesting strike and leadership in the middle and offensive area of ​​the field.

20:39 9 hours ago

Last XI of Guatemala

12 Moreno Alfaro, 2 Corado Ruano, 3 Mancilla, 14 Franco González, 16 Urizar Batres, 8 Cabrera, 7 Cardoza Díaz, 6 Santos Vargas, 20 Montaño Cárdenas, 10 Ordonez, 13 Aristondo.

20:34 9 hours ago

Last XI of Mexico

12 Eulogio Téllez, 2 Martínez González, 3 Leone, 4 Alcantar, 16 Palma Loera, 7 Torres, 6 Ambriz, 8 Mariscal Murral, 11 González, 18 Pérez, 19 Lozano.

20:29 9 hours ago

The quarterfinals of the Concacaf Under-20 World Cup are played.

The best players under the age of 20 in the CONCACAF zone will meet in the quarterfinals in search of a place in the semifinals of the tournament.
The United States will face Costa Rica, Panama vs. Honduras, Dominican Republic vs. Jamaica and Guatemala vs. Mexico.

20:24 9 hours ago

Guatemala will continue to dream of a ticket

The Central American team surprised locals and strangers by reaching the quarterfinals, since in the group stage they lost convincingly to El Salvador 1-5, beat Panama 3-1 and defeated Aruba 2-1.
In the round of 16, they suffered but managed to defeat Canada, one of the favorites of the tournament, after drawing 1-1 and now they will face Mexico.

20:19 9 hours ago

Mexico confirms its place as favorite

The Mexican team, led by Luis Ernesto Pérez, came out on top of the group after beating Suriname 8-0 and Trinidad and Tobago 5-0, while drawing 0-0 against Haiti.
El Tri defeated Puerto Rico 6-0 in the round of 16 and will now face Guatemala for a spot in the semifinals.

20:14 9 hours ago

Mexico and Guatemala seek a ticket to the semifinals

20:09 9 hours ago

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