Final ranking of the best picks in the Milwaukee Bucks Draft


Hello Bucks fans! Welcome to the reaction post to the orchestrated series of posts outlining the Bucks’ all-time greatest picks, based on who’s called to the podium and currently in basketball reference (and many more) like who picks the player . This included two players who never played for the Bucks and one who only played for two seasons. Four NBA champions combined for nine different championships, four players to win and MVP, numerous All-NBA teams, and seven Hall of Famers. It’s not a bad group.

Now, let’s take a look at my list compared to yours. Let’s see how we compare and start with mine.

julie’s ranking

12) Glenn Robinson (Your rank: 9)


I don’t think Glenn Robinson has been really good for much besides scoring. He averaged 20 points per game for his career, but his impact other than that was minimal. As for his vote, he made it from the voting part to becoming the highest-ranked Hall of Famer.

11) Stephon Marbury (Your Rank: Unranked)

I originally had Marbury at No. 10 and safe to vote on, but I decided to put him on the vote because he never played for the Bucks. That shows that I made a good decision for the fans, but Marbury was a very talented player. Marbury has similar scores to Isiah Thomas and Sam Cassell, and made a few All-NBA teams. Big Dog never did that, and because of his longevity compared to Vin Baker and Andrew Bogut, in my opinion, he was clearly more successful. This was based on his playing career, not his Bucks career.

10) Paul Pressey (Your rank: 11)

Pressey was safe from voting, and she was afraid he wouldn’t get in if she didn’t put him in that group. But looking back, he’d say he’s pretty much on par with Michael Redd and Big Dog’s careers (in different ways), so I have no complaints that he fell into one spot. Wouldn’t he have made it if I hadn’t protected him over Vin Baker or Andrew Bogut?


Who is the best player here?

I’ve added all three at the bottom to try and make it similar to the other poll, in case you’re wondering why three of the most random players in the NBA are in it too.

9) Michael Redd (Your rank: 10)

This is also an objection, but I think Redd’s impact on the game was more significant. Maybe it’s a memory related bias, but I feel like he was the better player compared to Big Dog. It was also the bright light at times during the darkness of the mid to late 2000s.

8) Bob Dandridge (Your Rank: 7)

This is where my next level begins. Dandridge made it to the Hall of Fame, but only recently. It was the third wheel, the Chris Bosh of a couple of champion teams. Not to say Chris Bosh wasn’t good, but he wasn’t. the Type. And when he was the guy, the team wasn’t very good. He is a companion star, and there is nothing wrong with that or an insult in any way.

7) Marques Johnson (Your rank: 6)

Marques was very good when he played, but I think his longevity hurts him and drops him one spot from where you had him. I also think being in the broadcast booth helped his cause a bit on your part.

6) Sidney Moncrief (Your Rank: 5)

Another where he really only had a 5-7 year window of greatness, then faded into the background. His was much slower than Johnson’s, but he still only had 11 years to work. That said, Moncrief is one of the best Bucks of all time.

5) Alex English (Your rank: 8)

I think part of his downfall from where I projected him is because he didn’t play his entire career with the Bucks. He was a scoring champion and a great player, and he had 16 seasons to work with. He led a solo star team to a conference final. He is also 30 spots above Moncrief in all-time winning share totals, and more than 70 spots above Dandridge and Johnson. I don’t have a big complaint about him dropping to eighth, but I feel like he’s a better player than Marques and Dandridge, for sure.

4) Giannis Antetokounmpo (Your rank: 1)

Okay, you probably expected me to be second, right? That seems fine to me. But, if you stop his run right now (which is the purpose of this exercise) and base it on the entire run, not just the Bucks run, Giannis is fourth. For example, on the all-time goalscoring list, Giannis is ranked 60th in the playoffs. Very impressive, but the three players I have in front of him are all at least 25th. As for the regular season, he ranks 167th all-time and 5th on this overall list (Alex English is one of the top 20 scorers of all time right now).

It’s not just points, but Giannis is third on this list in rebounding and he’s outscored someone this year. He’s second on this list for Defensive Player of the Year, but since shot blocks and steals weren’t fully counted in the ’70s, and the award didn’t exist then, it’s not exactly fair to say. Giannis has more MVPs than two players ahead of him, but he remembers that Steve Nash has two and Kobe has one. Nikola Jokic also has two. As for the championships, Giannis got one, just like everyone else ahead of him.

I LOVE GIANNIS. But, if I were to end her career right now and compare her overall to Dirk and Dr. J, I don’t think she’s ahead of them yet. He’s definitely on the brink, but he needs 2-3 more years like the last 5 to get past them. As for Kareem, he would say that he has to play this way for most of the decade and add at least one more ring. Sorry, not sorry, in 2030 (maybe even 2025) when he makes this list again, at least he’ll be number two.

3) Julius Erving (Your rank: 3)

Erving was a great player, but Dirk has beaten him in many categories, including staying in the NBA. Dirk also did more with less, while Erving had Moses Malone and/or Charles Barkley.

2) Dirk Nowitzki (Your rank: 4)

Dirk ranks eighth on the win-share list behind Kareem, LeBron, Michael Jordan and four other greats. He belongs in second place, along with his impact on the pitch and with foreign players and the globalization of the game. I had a hard time choosing between him and Dr. J, but chose Dirk because of his longevity and international impact.

1) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Your Rank: 1)

Kareem is the best player ever in my opinion, he was unstoppable and a six time champion, scoring leader, win share leader and much more. Giannis will have a hard time catching him as far as legacy goes. Even if Kareem wasn’t number one on your all-time list, he’s either in the top five or not worth debating. So Giannis needs to be in the top five players of all time (not just right now) to catch up with him. I’ve gone into more detail about this in their respective posts.


How are Julie’s ratings scored?

  • 28%

    A: I will be kind

    (21 votes)

  • 10%

    B: He was wrong with English and Giannis

    (8 votes)

  • 37%

    C: He really screwed up with Giannis

    (28 votes)

  • 8%

    D: You hate my list but I don’t hate Giannis, he will be number one eventually.”

    (6 votes)

  • sixteen%

    F: Why is Ersan not ranked number 1?

    (12 votes)

75 total votes

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your rankings

fan vote

1) Giannis Antetokoummpo

2) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

3) Julio Erving

4) Dirk Nowitzky

5) Sidney Moncrief

6) Marquis Johnson

7) Bob Dandridge

8) Alex English

9) Glen Robinson

10) Michael Red

11) Paul Pressey

12) Vin Baker/Andrew Bogut

Eligible but not voted: Mario Elie, Ersan Ilyasova, Stephon Marbury, Eric Snow

When all is said and done, do we have the best team?

I’m just taking a look at winning stock and value player over replacement to determine who had the better players, but let’s start with the Bucks. When it comes to winning shares, we have eight players (my top 8) in the top 165, with three in the top 14 (Abdul-Jabbar 1, Nowitzki 8, Erving 14) and Alex English in the top 100 as well. Moncrief is next, followed by Giannis, who just passed Sam Cassell for the all-time benchmark, and then Dandridge and Johnson are close to the 165 mark.

As for VORP (value over replacement player) we have three in the top 13 (7, 8 and 13 in the same order). Giannis gives us four in the top 50 at 48 (between Terry Porter and Eddie Jones), and we’ve got four more in the top 106 (English 69, Moncrief 91, Johnson 101 and Marbury 106). So in win percentages and VORP, we have 9 players in the top 165 in each, and seven are in both. Just doing the math, if you even it out, every team should only have five and a half players on these rosters.

I glanced briefly at the rest of the teams, and some were so disastrous I didn’t even bother to mention them. Remember, this is from 1968 (when the Bucks started), so there’s no Wilt Chamberlain or Elgin Baylor. But, some teams still had players like Bernard King as the best player in the draft, and I’m not sure he’s on our list. So, I limited it to these eight:

Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Golden State, New Orleans/Charlotte, Oklahoma City, San Antonio

Chicago and Cleveland are only here thanks to LeBron and Michael Jordan, but other than them they’re not great. San Antonio fared really poorly aside from its four Hall of Famers (George Hill is next on the list after Tony Parker). Boston could have more depth, but their star power isn’t close and they don’t have a top-20 player in any category. New Orleans/Charlotte is Kobe and Chris Paul, with some good players like Anthony Davis and Alonzo Mourning, but that’s nowhere near this team.

So Oklahoma City and Golden State are the only two left. As for Golden State, even eliminating Wilt Chamberlain from before 1968, they currently have their big three, Vince Carter, Robert Parish, Penny and Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, Mitch Richmond, Gilbert Arenas, Rick Barry and more. Size will be an issue for them, but they have the depth and ability to get around the Bucks. The Bucks’ bench doesn’t have a lot of backup, so if we lost Kareem, he could become a small ball that benefits the Warriors.

Oklahoma City not only has Kevin Durant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook (remember, we’re assuming major versions), it has many more. Scottie Pippen and Gary Payton are here, as well as Jack Sikma, Shawn Kemp and Dennis Johnson. This team has good length, lots of All-Star talent and good defense. I think overall they have a better chance than Golden State and are heavier.

Here are the five starters for the Bucks:

3 depth bench: English, Dandridge, Johnson


Can anyone beat this list?

  • eleven%

    Golden State/Oklahoma City

    (5 votes)

  • eleven%

    Boston/Chicago/Cleveland/New Orleans/San Antonio

    (5 votes)

42 votes in all

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*To see these all-time rosters, type in “Bucks draft picks,” click on the basketball reference. Then sort by winning shares or VORP.

I think that more or less says it all. The Bucks, in my opinion, have the best roster in the NBA with my group of 12. Or even yours, giving the Bucks Baker/Bogut over Marbury helps with the backup point. Eight Hall of Famers is hard to beat, and when teams like the Lakers aren’t even worth mentioning (Magic Johnson and then Eddie Jones…) it just goes to show that our executives have been really good and really bad at trading. these players, in our history.

But what do you think? Comment below and tell us your opinion!