Father’s Day Posts, Morikawa Mic Drop, and Texts by Brooks Koepka


Brooks Koepka and Collin Morikawa had a great week.

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Hello friends!

I just got back from the US Open, which was probably the best week of my golf life. With the exception of not recognizing Justin Leonard at the same venue where he helped secure the US Ryder Cup victory in 1999, I’d say it was a successful week!

I ate some great food (read: ice cream), hung out with my awesome co-workers, met some players, some caddies, some members of the media, and even some parents of players (hey Gerry McIlroy!). I had a great time and I’m sad it’s over.

Here are some of the best things I saw on the site and on social media in the past week.

Father’s Day at the US Open

I bought my dad a Brookline t-shirt to give him for Father’s Day, a gift he was very proud of until I realized Matt Fitzpatrick had brought home the US Open trophy for the holidays.

The lesson here is not to compare yourself to the pros, on or off the field. But congratulations to Fitzpatrick on the win, and congratulations to his dad on the most memorable Father’s Day of all time.

The publication of professionals for Father’s Day

Jordan Spieth is pretty secretive when it comes to what he shares on social media. At this point, I’m used to seeing only Under Armor and AT&T sponsored posts on his page, but he gave us a rare glimpse of his son, Sammy, on Sunday at the US Open.

Was it still a brand post to show off her cool bag? Maybe! But I’ll take what I can get, and this photo is adorable.

Up next we have one of LIV Golf’s newest members, Brooks Koepka. It’s important to note that by the time you hit “publish” on this article, Koepka joining LIV may be old news due to the speed at which these guys are committing. Either way, he shared a great wedding picture of him. It’s been a busy few weeks for the Koepka family!

funny roy

I never realized alone What many requests that players receive from fans until last week. Cute kids scream for autographs, goofy teens want selfies, and some adults even get involved. As McIlroy signed autographs Wednesday morning, one guy kept pestering the World No. 2. He begged McIlroy to come to his wedding over the weekend. It eventually got a little awkward, to the point where McIlroy probably felt he had to acknowledge the invitation.

And he did it in a hilarious way.

“Not really.”

McIlroy handled it perfectly, and he wasn’t the only one getting strange requests at Brookline. In my day, we patiently waited for autographs from professionals! Now, people yell at them, asking for sticks, gloves, balls, towels and photos. I know, I know, these guys make a lot of money, but it still seems like a lot to put up with.

More gold from Max Homa

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Max Homa’s social networking game was in great shape last week. It started when the tee times were announced.

Something I learned last week is that security checks your credentials very up close at the US Open. I’m not sure if it’s the same for the players, but I don’t think Max Homa was willing to take any chances. Shout out to the USGA for getting him this mega credential.

US Open MVP (according to me)

Joel Dahmen and his caddy, Geno Bonnalie, weren’t too optimistic about their chances at the PGA Championship last month. Morale was a little higher heading into the US Open.

If you don’t follow these two on Twitter, you’re missing out. Bonnalie is hilarious as she documents the not-so-glamorous parts of touring the Tour, like staying in a Boston College dorm during a major championship.

Anyway, Dahmen and Bonnalie were available for a few interviews throughout the week, and we had a lot of fun chatting with them. it’s getting more and more difficult No to cheer these guys on. They are incredible.

Koepka texts

And finally, we have my absolute favorite segment from this week’s Rogers Report. There’s a current trend on TikTok where people share texts they’ve received from her partner, and Jena Sims had some fun last week, showing us some texts from her four-time Grand Slam champion husband.

Collin’s clap back

LIVE this! Live that! It’s what every player is asked about, and Collin Morikawa is fed up with the rumours. He took to Twitter Tuesday morning to set the record straight.

Boom! For those who don’t know, Morikawa made headlines last year (not really) for sharing that he serves cereal. within your milk, not milk in your cereal. Very disturbing stuff. And Justin Thomas and Max Homa couldn’t help but have fun with the tweet.

There’s a lot of drama in the world of golf right now, but at least we have Collin Morikawa more active on Twitter because of it.

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