Driver Asleep At The Wheel Charged With DWAI, Luxury Car & Stolen Keys, Kitten Rescued


Driver Asleep At The Wheel Charged With DWAI, Luxury Car & Stolen Keys, Kitten Rescued

On June 12, at 4:45 am, police received a report of a driver asleep in a car with the engine running on East Parkway and Popham Road. The transmission was in drive mode and the driver’s foot was on the brake. After an investigation, the driver, Virginia Catalano, 52, of Scarsdale, was arrested on charges of driving while impaired by drugs.

stolen car
On June 6, a Willow Lane resident reported that his 2020 BMW 840I was stolen from his driveway. It contained $2,000 custom golf clubs. They also stole car keys from a Porsche, the stolen BMW, another BMW and house keys. Upon further investigation, it was determined that he broke into the home, which is how the perpetrators obtained the keys.

On June 9, a caller reported that his bike had been stolen outside the Scarsdale train station. He was described as a black Diamondback with a gray helmet attached.


car thefts
On June 10, a Graham Road resident reported someone broke into his parked car and stole two pairs of glasses on June 10.

stolen mail
A walk-in reported finding open mail on Brewster and Kingston Roads that appeared to contain checks on June 7. The Postal Inspector was notified.

Police helped a man contact his pregnant wife who was late to pick him up at the train station on June 9. Everything was in order.
Police courtesy a woman from the East Parkway to Hartsdale on June 11.

On June 6, a white man in a bathing suit was reportedly singing to himself on the Freightway Road pedestrian bridge. Valet parking staff said he left the area before police arrived.

On June 6, a woman reported that a car was following her while she was walking with her two children on Boulevard toward Davis Park. The car then made a U-turn and the driver gestured for her to come over to her car. She ignored him, turned around and went home with her children.

A male driver reported being followed by a female driver who was making obscene gestures on June 7. He told police the woman stopped following him near Popham Road.

On June 12, residents of Springdale Road observed two men pulling into their driveway, apparently checking cars.

civil affairs
Police stood by as a contractor removed his tools and equipment from a Weaver Street property following a dispute with the owner on June 9.

An Edgewood woman reported that her husband threw away his groceries and the bill he needed for his replacement on June 10. The police advised both parties to stay away.

On June 11, a Black Birch Lane cleaning woman reported that she disagreed with the homeowner about getting a pad for work already done. The homeowner alleged that the cleaner was late and was not taking care of the property. She asked the cleaner to leave. Police informed the parties that their dispute was civil in nature.

Car accidents
On June 6, a car crashed into a house on Wayside Lane. The 18-year-old male driver apparently lost control of the car while attempting to turn from Fox Meadow Road onto Wayside Lane. The car skipped the curb, crossed the lawn and hit the house. No injuries were reported, and all parties were outside the vehicle. The electrical meter of the house was compromised. Con Edison was called in to evaluate. The building department determined that structural damage to the home was not likely. Con Edison disconnected the electrical service to the house to remove the towing vehicle.

A driver reportedly struck a parked car while trying to enter his driveway on Overlook Road on June 7.

A caller reported that their car was struck while parked and unattended at Depot Place on June 9.

An accident involving a school bus was reported on June 10 on Secor and Mamaroneck roads.

cars and roads
On June 6, police towed a driver whose car broke down on Brewster Road.

Police collected branches from Palmer Avenue on June 7.

A pothole on Secor Avenue was reported on June 8.

Police notified the water department of a loose sewer plug at Fenimore Road and Brite Avenue on June 9.

A FedEx truck got stuck in the grass on Reimer Road and damaged the lawn on June 9. The police notified the owner.

Police reported a leaking fire hydrant on Montgomery Road to the fire and water departments on June 9.

People sitting inside parked cars on Scarsdale Avenue were there to use their phones on June 10.

Downed wires were reported on Overhill Road on June 10. Verizon was notified so the driveway to the parking lot could be cleared.

Sherbrooke Road workers were asked by police to move their truck to clear the road on June 10.

Verizon was notified of low hanging wires on Penn Boulevard and Weaver Street on June 10.

Police removed a fallen branch from Griffen Avenue on June 11.

Police called a tow for a driver with a flat tire on Griffen Avenue on June 11.

Police secured a fence around a construction site on Madison Road on June 10.

One person seen on the doorbell camera footage allegedly entering a Crossway home was a delivery driver dropping off a package on June 10.

On June 7, a coyote reportedly charged at his dog while he was walking his dog on Cooper Road on June 8.

On June 7, police helped free a baby opossum from a garden net by cutting the net.

Police herded a tortoise off Mamaroneck Road into a wooded area on June 8.

A Springdale Road resident complained about a neighbor’s dog that allegedly attacked his dog on June 8. The resident said it was the fifth time the offending dog had attacked his dog.

A Tortoise it was observed on Oxford Road on June 9. She dragged herself to George’s Field.

A caller reported seeing a alligator in a pond on Tisdale Road on June 12. Police searched the area and did not see any crocodiles.

town code
On June 8, a woman was informed of a no smoking code on Garth Road and was asked by police to put out her cigarette.

Following a noise complaint, police advised a Fenimore Road resident to keep the noise down. The resident said that her son had invited some friends and that she would insist that they keep quiet.

A car alarm in a Honda Odyssey was going off on Gorham Road and did not stop in the early morning hours of June 9. The owner of the car was determined to live in White Plains. No contact information found. Firefighters disconnected the battery cables to silence the alarm. A note was left on the driver’s seat explaining why the battery had been disconnected. A noise violation citation was also issued.

Lost objects
On June 9, the car keys were found on Rodney Road.

On June 11, a teenager reported that he lost his learner’s permit somewhere in the Village.

A resident reported losing his driver’s license somewhere in the Village on June 11.

On June 8, firefighters called Con Edison about a gas leak at a Gilmore courthouse.

On June 8, firefighters assisted in a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On June 9, firefighters were dispatched to a home on Bradford Avenue for a smoldering carbon monoxide alarm. They ventilated the space.

Con Edison was dispatched to Garth and Popham streets for a natural gas leak on June 9.

On June 10, firefighters entered a Spier Road home to put out a stove that had been accidentally left on. They removed an unattended charred pot from the stove flame and cooled it with water.

Firefighters helped to safely release a trapped kitten at a drainage pipe leader on Cornell Street June 11. Firemen. Lowered rope with a knot ball tied to the end of it. The kitten was able to climb onto the top of the ball and rose up the guide tube. The kitten was placed in a box and the resident was told to take it to the Humane Society in New Rochelle.

On June 12, on Corell Road, firefighters were called to a backyard grill fire. It started in the grill’s grease trap and was out when firefighters arrived. The fire was contained to the grill and did not cause any damage to the grill. Firefighters advised the resident to clean the grill before using it again.

This report covering police and fire activity from June 6-12 has been compiled by official information.