Cincinnati sports columnist fondly remembers friends long gone


Red Smith, the famous sports columnist, wrote that dying is easy. “The least of us will do that,” Red determined. “Living well is the trick.”

Ron Curran lived well. No, he checks that. He lived wonderfully. I know because I asked him. Ron was old when I met him and then he got cancer, which made him age like a dog. His health was a particular concern for him and me.


“How are you feeling Ron?” She asked him, sometimes twice, every time she saw him.

“Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic,” said Ron. Three great. Every time.

Rum Curran

When he died, Ron had taught me to play “solid, respectable golf,” meaning I could shoot mid-90s and feel fantastic about it. If that had been Ron’s only lesson, he would never have forgotten it. (Or forgive him, depending on my game on any given day.)

As it was, golf was just opening the door. It was Ron’s way of teaching me everything else.