Check out the 2023 Living Vehicle self-sufficient luxury motorhome that produces its own water


The pandemic has given us a different perspective on life. And one of them involves the growing love of remote work. More and more people are going offline to explore the world without compromising their professional lives. And mobile homes seem to be the perfect companion for this lifestyle. These mobile homes are also all the rage among celebrities.

Living Vehicle is a manufacturer of luxury RVs and their 2023 RV lineup has been updated with a host of new features that will give you the power to live off the grid, without compromising your quality of life.


Living Vehicle 2023 RVs include available water generation systems and a fully stacked mobile workstation. The guys at Watergen are behind the water-generating equipment used in these RVs, which can create water from moisture in the air.

This allows you to be completely independent for clean drinking water, and this technology is powered by pure solar energy. Cool bits of tech aside, these RVs have a high level of luxury, comfort, and space too. The 2023 Living Vehicle RVs start with an MSRP of $339,995. Each of these RVs is built to order and highly customizable. The current waiting period is 10-12 months.

With more solar power than any EV and the technology to create water from thin air, Living Vehicle 2023 RVs are ready to leave civilization behind.

Living Vehicle RV can produce up to five gallons of water a day, from the air

The standout feature of this luxury RV is its ability to create water from thin air. Watergen’s Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is an evolved version of the military-spec machine that was developed by the Israeli company in 2014.

Over the years, this technology has gone through several changes and has become much more efficient. There have been instances of Watergen using a prototype water generator in concept vehicles before, but the 2023 Living Vehicle RV is the first use of the Watergen system in a production vehicle.

This system draws in atmospheric air through a vent on the side of the RV. Condensation is then used to extract moisture from the air along with removing dust and debris. The water then goes through a multi-stage filtration and mineralization process.

The water is then UV sterilized to kill any harmful bacteria and viruses. The created water is then stored in a tank which is then used for various purposes including drinking. The Watergen system merges with the RV’s electrical grid and runs entirely on solar energy, collected from the roof.

In its most efficient cycle, the water generator can produce 19 liters of drinking water per day. This is enough for a family of four to survive in the most remote areas with ease. And if this system succeeds in creating excess water from the air (courtesy of extremely humid areas), then the surplus is fed into the 100-gallon onboard freshwater tank.

The minimum humidity level required by the Watergen system to work its magic is 20 percent. Since most of the United States has an average humidity of 30 percent or more, you can be anywhere and still get clean drinking water.

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2023 Living Vehicle RV Packs A configuration to work from anywhere

Living Vehicle knows very well that people planning to get their RVs equipped with Watergen want to stay away from civilization, in peace and quiet. In short, they knew that digital nomads would love this VR package.

And to make this more enjoyable for them, their RVs, in addition to making water out of thin air, also conceal a stacked digital area, courtesy of the recently introduced Apple-backed Creative Studio remote office suite.

This workstation setup is neatly built into the bottom of a pullout bed at the other end of the RV. This digital space includes a 27-inch or 32-inch display from Apple that’s connected to a 16-inch MacBook Pro. And all of this rests on a beautiful 80-inch desk for one or two people, which neatly folds away under the queen-size bed.

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This water-producing RV includes everything you need to live off the grid

Living Vehicle has opted for an all-aluminum construction to create a spacious and beautiful interior design. It also has a folding front porch that further elevates its spacious character. The other end of the RV houses the hybrid space that includes a fully equipped kitchen with a pull-out island, 368-liter refrigerator, microwave, and optional dishwasher and oven.

The section closest to the tow hook is a dedicated master suite outfitted with a queen bed that can double as a creative study. This area also houses a washing machine, a wardrobe and a three-drawer chest. But all these bits are not fixed, as the Living Vehicle offers various customization options.

This RV also comes with one of the largest bathroom areas we have come across. It is a 32X36 inch area that can also be further stacked with luxury fixtures along with an outdoor shower.

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2023 Living Vehicle RV: Models and Prices

The 2023 Living Vehicle RV comes in four model options. The base CORE model is priced at $339,995 and has a 1,400W solar power capacity, a 14.4kWh lithium-ion battery, and a 5kWh hybrid inverter. Next up is the MAX model, which starts at $399,995 and includes a 2,600W solar system, 28.8kWh battery, and 10kWh hybrid inverter.

Top-spec models include PRO ($469,996; 3,000W solar, 43.2kWh battery pack, and 15kWh inverter) and PRO-EV ($509,995; 3,400W, 57.6kWh, and 15kWh inverter). 20kWh). EV charging technology ranges from basic Tier 1 charging technology to Tier 2 240V charging capability. This luxury RV has a maximum GVWR of 18,000 lbs.

Source: Live Vehicle