The first electric BMW 7 Series comes wrapped in luxury

The new 7 Series is a major redesign. i7 buyers can illuminate its large kidney grilles. bmw photo text size In April, BMW announced the 2023 edition of its flagship sedan, the 7 Series, and includes the 740i ($94,895), 760i xDrive ($114,595) and electric i7 xDrive60 ($120,295). This is the third in a series of … Read more

Louis Vuitton adds luxury to the Nike Air Force 1 as the sneaker turns 40: Images of the classic sneaker with a dazzling twist

STATEN ISLAND, NY — Before Virgil Abloh succumbed to cancer at the age of 41 in November, the famed Louis Vuitton designer finished what was perhaps his most anticipated project: an unprecedented collaboration with Nike, reinventing the classic Air Force 1 with LV luxury touches and great hardware. Excessive and exaggerated, as any association with … Read more

Artist Abigail Glaum-Lathbury reinvents luxury clothing

On a Friday in March, Abigail Glaum-Lathbury was walking through the Gucci store on Fifth Avenue, looking at items from a collaboration with Balenciaga called Hacker Project. The collection was conceptual, a way to explore ideas of originality and authenticity in the fashion industry. There were handbags whose interlocking Gs had been replaced by back-to-back … Read more

Thompson Thrift Residential Announces Luxury Multi-Family Community in Daytona Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thompson Thrift Residential, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indianapolisbased in Thompson Thrift and one of the nation’s leading multi-family developers, today announced the development of Drift, a luxury multi-family community in daytona beach. Thompson Thrift plans to welcome new residents beginning in the summer of 2023. “Drift’s … Read more

What real estate agents need to know about Four Square Homes

Looking for more tips? Check out Inman’s Basic elements of the new agents. American housing styles have changed, and continue to change, across the country and as homeowners’ tastes and lifestyles evolve. As the country has undergone industrial and economic changes, both good and not so good, housing styles have adapted out of necessity. In … Read more

Six unusual places to explore in France

The pandemic has given many of us an appetite for new travel experiences after long periods of restrictions and lockdowns, but you don’t need to take an international flight to get your fix. France has plenty of quirky activities and accommodation ideas to take you out of your comfort zone closer to home. Here are … Read more

Chloe Szepanowski reveals the traumatic reason she decided to sell a $2.75 million luxury home on the Gold Coast

A social media star has revealed why she and her partner had to flee their $2.75 million home after intruders entered the premises, trying to steal their car. Chloe Szepanowski, 23, and her boyfriend Mitchell Orval, 25, said they sold their mansion because they were too “traumatized” to return after the brazen break-in earlier in … Read more