8 Deluxe Outdoor Lanterns to Light Up Your Next Summer Party


To the right are black and white portraits of Silo by Alfredo Paredes and Anooshey Rahim and to the right are two lanterns with handles.

Walls: Laurel Golio; Rahim: Graham Laird Prentice


We’ve all spent countless hours considering our interior lighting, from which chandelier will best fit the foyer to which table lamp will illuminate the nightstand, but what about outdoor lighting? Pool parties and cookouts are delicious ways to entertain this summer, so you’d better make sure your guests can see each other (and their surroundings) for your next after-hours party. Here, we ask interior designer Alfredo Paredes and landscape architect Anooshey Rahim what they think of the most eye-catching outdoor lights on the market.

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The Others by Stephen Burks

Alfred Walls: These are fun! They would be great hanging above a table in an island setting like Mustique.

Anoshey Rahim: I love how they have a presence during the day. Portability is also great: you can grab a flashlight and explore more remote parts of your space.

18″ diameter x 19″ high, $1,145; 18″ diameter x 25″ high, $1,315.

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ARKANSAS: What intrigues me most is the scale. It feels like a big globe of light.

AP: It has a nautical atmosphere, perfect for a covered terrace with a pool. 16″ diameter; $1,475.

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AP: I would use it indoors too! It would be nice to install it on a pool table.

ARKANSAS: Leather and brass components contrast with the softness of the textiles. 29″ diameter x 29″ height; $2,600.

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ARKANSAS: Really cool. It is compelling to have sculpture and lighting as a single object.

AP: I imagine them on a beach path to light the way. 33″ diameter x 63″ height; check the price.

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Captain Flint by Michael Anastassiades

AP: It’s a little Memphis. I’m picturing it in a modern version of a captain’s house on Cape Cod.

ARKANSAS: This looks different from every angle. From the front it shows a character, but then from the side it has different geometries. 8″ wide x 12″ deep. x 11.5″ high; $1,545.

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Beijing by Gabriel Teixidó

ARKANSAS: It has a quality inside. I love that it is a bridge between inside and outside, traditional and contemporary.

AP: I like the idea of ​​having this peek behind a sofa or in the corner on a card table. 88″ wide x 85″ high; $1,925.

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Kensaku Oshiro’s flare lantern

AP: These should cast amazing shadows. I see them in the desert.

ARKANSAS: It hits that minimalist note but still has a lot of character and texture. 26″ diameter x 32″ height; $2,710.

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Zanellato and Bortotto’s Lantern

ARKANSAS: Leather is very much in line with what Louis Vuitton does. It’s a bit like a fancy bag.

AP: They scream “Morocco”. I would have them in multiples. 10″ diameter x 20″ high, $7,050; 12″ diameter x 28″ high, $9,350.

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